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What is NPR ? All you need to know about National Population Register

All you need to know about the National Population Register

The Union Cabinet has approved the updating of the National Population register or the NPR after a meeting was held as some states stopped working on it work on it the Census Commission has said the objective of the NPR is to create a comprehensive identity database of every usual citizen or resident of the country the database who will have demographic as well as biometric details the NPR exercise will be held between April and September 2020.

In all states and union territories except Assam where the National Register of citizens exercise or the NCR I'm sorry NRC to identify illegal migrants has already been conducted the data for NPR was first collected in 2010 during the second term of UPA and along with the house listing phase of the census to 2011.

The NPR data was first updated in 2015 with door-to-door service and digitization of the updated data is complete now in the next step the government has decided to update the NPR now the issue is that many linked NPR to NRC and it is said that any NPR will clear the way for an RC because it is the identifying of every single citizen or rather resident of the country.

It seeks your biometric details it also seeks the details of your passport if you have one joining us right now is Himanshu Shekar Mishra NDTV's Himanshu Himanshu what exactly does this mean a large amount a large sum has also been allotted for this exercise that side that's why the proposal from the Home Ministry.

Today which is a cabinet has approved around eighty-four hundred crore rupees have been allocated for both conducting the census exercise 2021 and also the National Population register what we do know is that some important changes were recommended by the Home Ministry in the methodology of conducting.

The National Population Register and also in terms of adding new criteria new set of information that will be sought this time in the NP R 2021 exercise and that, of course, includes details about a person's parents the residence details of parents of people who will be enumerated under the NPR and also those people who have a passport the enumerators had also asked them a copies of the passport.

now remember this is an exercise which was started in Manmohan Singh's government in 2020 2010 and after that it has already been updated once in 2015 now in this context where there was a political debate happening on NRC,

The protests that we have seen this exercise has fueled fears that whether the data that will be collected in the name of the National Population register updation exercise whether this can then be used as a first step towards creating the database under the NRC and that is why we have seen some state governments have apprehensions and that is why Kerala and whispering all are two states which have stopped the exercise under NPR which was started a few months back so I think it would be very important now to see an all eyes are now on the cabinet briefing at 3:30 p.m. 

As to what exactly are the modalities that have been approved if these are the routine procedural formalities that have been approved by the Cabinet I think there will be lesser concern with regard to this exercise but if there are important changes in the modality of conducting the National Population register in terms of getting new information like for example from the citizens of India.

NPR Is Not New, Take A Look At Its History Here | ABP News            

I think then this will become part of a new debate that we have seen in last few weeks so we'll have to wait for the 330 cabinet briefing Anjali that will be contacted by pure oil and also Prakash Gavaskar to get more details from date but as of now the X the roads the decks have been cleared by the Cabinet and of course, the National Population register will be updated and this is, of course, a very significant development in terms of the national debate that is taking place on the NRC.


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