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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

International Men's Day

Hey, you guys I hope you're all well. So November 19th was International Men's Day which is kind of like International Women's Day but without all the virtue signaling, number one trending hashtags and adoring global media coverage. 

Nevertheless, International Men's Day soldiers on as a day to appreciate all the good blokes in our lives and to recognize the many, many, many wonderful achievements of men. Just like International Women's Day, International Men's Day also serves as an occasion to recognize many of the problems and disadvantages that a lot of men face. Take for example homelessness.

 According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 59 percent of homeless people in Australia are men. Similarly in the USA just under 61 percent of the homeless of men. Or take male suicide rates. In Australia, 75 percent of suicides were men averaging out at one every four hours. That's six men taking their own lives every day. 

Then, of course, there is the very very taboo topic of male victims of domestic violence. Again according to the ABS one in three victims of domestic violence are male yet that quite significant statistic receives zero attention from the media and not a hint of government-directed programs to address the problem

Or how about the fact that fewer men than women graduate from high school and university, or the fact that 99 percent of military deaths and at least 95 percent of workplace deaths are men. Men work all the worst most dangerous jobs, they work the longest hours, they pay most of the tax they take less out of the welfare system than women do and they even die several years earlier on average than women. 

Given these rather dire statistics, it would seem fair enough that like we do on International Women's Day for women's issues, we use November 19th as an opportunity to shine a light on some of these rather serious issues that men face and try to -- you know to address them. 

That to the rational thinking person would seem perfectly reasonable, after all, we're all human beings and all deserving of recognition and compassion for that which makes us suffer regardless of gender, race, sexuality, etc. 

Right? Well not according to the left-wing dominated mainstream media who don't say boo about International Men's Day and certainly not to feminist thought leaders and their adherence. It's not so much that they ignore the day instead they bear a strange and very distinct animosity towards it. 

They use it as an opportunity to make fun of men, make fun of men's rights activists and really make fun of anyone who even thinks of suggesting that men have anything less than an easy ride through this life. This marks the difference between feminists and says men's rights activists. MRAs are generally perfectly happy to have a discussion about women's rights and indeed support women's rights. 

Their goal is simply to gain recognition for men's issues and work towards solving them. Feminists, on the other hand, will not have a bar of men's rights or men's issues and demonize anyone who does as a misogynist, a rape apologist or whatever another derogatory term is in vogue at the time. 

Now this strange feminist animosity used to really mystify me and still mystifies a lot of people. However, after a lot of thinking about it so you don't have to, I believe I have worked it out and so in honor of International Men's Day I am going to attempt to explain it. - Please explain - The third-wave feminist narrative rests in large part upon the concept of "male privilege". A conspiracy theory asserts that men namely white men are inherently privileged over women by virtue of nothing but their gender. Feminists argue that we live in a patriarchy and that there is an imbalance of power that favors men. 

When asked to explain this feminist generally bring up the oft debunked wage gap - (Shoe0nHead) The wage gap is simply the average earnings of men and women working full-time it does not count for different job positions, hours work or different jobs it has nothing to do with the same job it has nothing to do with discrimination. - Or the fact that the vast majority of CEOs, politicians and other high-paying powerful jobs are occupied by men. 

Really actually it's just those two things they base the theory on other than occasional claims of something called male entitlement which when you get them talking about it is actually extremely subjective. Nevertheless, feminists are noisy enough about these things to convince the intellectually sub-par that their argument actually has some basis in truth. 

This attitude ties into the Marxist theory that one group has power over another with the less powerful group necessitating a violent revolution to topple the powerful. In the context of Karl Marx, this was the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat. Through a feminist prism however it is the oppressor men versus the oppressed women. Feminists believe that men no matter their station in life inherently oppress women simply by existing. 

Now, this attitude breeds a violently tribal mentality as evidenced by their denigration and attempts to punish women who are not feminists or simply disagree with some feminist principles. Take Australian feminist Clementine Ford's opinion of women who aren't feminists. - Women who sneer at feminism because they need men to know how much they love them have no idea how quickly those same men will turn on them the moment they step out of line. Have some *bleep* self-respect. 

I know this will rile some people up but #sorrynotsorry because it's bloody true. Also, this is specifically aimed at women who argue that feminism is a man-hating movement and that they don't hate men they love them and think they're just wonderful. - In other words, if you're not with us against the vile male oppressors there's something wrong with you, you're against us and you're a gender traitor. 

Now this assertion from Clementine and others like her is obviously very juvenile and demonstrates an inability to think critically but for some reason, that's where they're at. The problem with the conspiracy theory of male privilege is that actually has very little basis in fact. Male privilege is based on what's known as the apex fallacy. 

That is the notion that the experiences of those at the top end of an identity group are representative of the experiences of all members of that group. So while feminists will argue that white men are privileged because they make up the ranks of the most economically privileged that is a tiny percentage of men and is in no way an accurate representation of the experiences of men at large. 

I'm going to let Jordan Peterson explain this one he does it much better than I do. - In what sense is our society male-dominated? - The fact that the vast majority of wealth is owned by men, the vast majority of capital and is owned by men, women do more unpaid labor - A very tiny proportion of men and a huge proportion of people who are seriously disaffected are men, most people in prison are men, most people who are on the street are men, most victims of violent crime are men, most people who commit suicide are men, most men -- most people who die in wars are men, people who do worse in school are men. 

It's like where's the dominance here precisely? What you're doing is you're taking tiny substrata of hyper-successful men and using that to represent the entire structure of the -- of Western society. There's nothing about that's vaguely appropriate. - This Marxist prism of the oppressor versus the oppressed or the battle of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat necessarily dictates that there is only so much equality to go around and that in order to take it one group has to cede power so to speak whether voluntarily or by force. 

Now unlike conservatives and libertarians, who think in terms of the individual and the limitless potential of that individual to make something of themselves with the right choices and a few luck feminists believe that people succeed and fail as a pack, rather than as singular people. That's why they're so set on quotas and equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity and merit. 

International Men's Day

If you don't believe in the concept of the individual as the ultimate source of success then, of course, you're going to think equality of outcome is a good idea. After all, it doesn't matter what the individual puts in it's what the pack out of it that's important. So the feminist idea of success is decorating corporate boards and political parties, the police force, etc with an equal number of women to men regardless of their merit it's all about how things look and how everything seems on the surface, not about substance.

Now this brings me to the real reason feminists feel such flagrant animosity towards not just International Men's Day but men's rights in general. Because they are so steeped in this Marxist notion that there is only so much equality to go around they genuinely believe that men's rights and women's rights cannot exist in tandem. 

They believe that if the so-called oppressor gets even so much as a look in and that knocks back the rights of the allegedly oppressed. They genuinely feel that any discussion of men's issues necessarily detracts from women's issues regardless of the fact that women's issues get infinitely more time and sympathy in the mainstream cultural arena than men's issues. 

To the casual observer, this feminist mindset is quite clearly ludicrous, like they live in fantasy land. It's like they believe that they're in Harry Potter and that they're the terrified desperate Hogwarts students trying valiantly to overthrow the Death Eaters When really they're in Daddy Daycares the bratty unruly children running around while Eddie Murphy or rational thinking people try desperately to placate and clean up after them all the while hoping that eventually they'll run out of steam and take a nap. But it does explain their defensiveness whenever International Men's Day rolls around. 

It's easy to roll your eyes at their delusion but really I think we should pity them. Can you imagine having got yourself into such a state of depression and self-loathing that you have actually constructed and are living out this Marxist horror story? It must be awful living as someone whose entire existence is based on a lie. So if you haven't already -- take a moment to acknowledge all the good men in your life. 

They go through more than they let on. Women have issues and so do men. If we want to make a better world it's very important to remember that addressing them is not mutually exclusive. If you liked this blog please remember to like, share, leave me a comment and if you really really liked it thankyou.

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