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Can video games make you smarter ?

Can video games make you smarter ?

Can video games make you smarter ?

Video games provide a fun escape from reality so they're often portrayed as violent lazy and a waste of time by some the debate has raged on for years so are there any positive effects can video games actually make you smarter before we get ahead of ourselves it's important to note that too much of anything is bad even  outweigh any benefits, in fact, we have an entire video devoted to what would happen.

playing video games one study in particular had participants play Super Mario sixty four for thirty minutes a day over two months afterwards the brains of these participants on increase of gray matter in areas associated with memories strategic planning and fine motor skills of the hands compared to those who had not played these are particularly encouraging results for mental disorders which because these brain regions to shrink using video games as a therapy surprisingly action games can also increase attention to detail in individuals.

Those video games will rot your brain is something we've all heard at some point but it's wrong hi folks it's Belkin and today on game ranks ten scientific studies that show game and is beneficial number ten you know brain games those games that are made to improve brain function in the simulation of real-world problems or perhaps puzzle-oriented stuff back in two thousand fifteen a study came on the policy insights from re Haverhill and brain sciences journal that showed action games actually do way more in improving brain function than these so-called brain games it specifically these games have demands for quick decision making quick knowledge mint and interpretation of large amounts of information and demand a high level of attention according to the study many other types of games do not produce the equivalent impact on perception and cognition brain games typically a body few of the qualities of the commercial video games.

 Active forms of learning I eat making responses in receiving immediate informative feedback which is typically more effective than passive learning number nine researchers at Columbia University found that playing video games may actually be good for children now.

 That's not to say that addictive behaviors and binging on video games are necessarily great what they mean to say is that for an hour to having moderate gameplay is linked to a higher intellectual function as well as competence at school now they think that generally if they continue it's not going to have any kind of negative effect on intellectual function or school confidence, in fact, one could make the case that it will actually help to play for very long periods of time at a very young age.

 It may not be great for social functions but that heat is actually a great collaborative leisure time activity that promotes positive brain growth number eight a study in the British medical journal also known as the B. M. J.

 Studied a game called sparks which is a game that's intended to help treat depression this study actually found the video game was better at treating depression then a lot of counsellors which is really interesting ultimately L. allowed for a self directed learning format and instead of an adult who may not seem to understand it least upfront kids and teens were much more willing to be open about what they were feeling when they actually had no chance of judgment even though accounts or may not be judgmental if the possibility seems to exist 

in the teenager being treated they tend to a whole on video games are designed around immersion in there for do the exact opposite trying to bring the player in the game is designed to do that properly and also designed to help the player cope with depression with actually proven techniques show that sparks a video game for a lot of cases is more effective than a counselor, not every case.

 Mind you I'm not telling you to go play a video game instead of get help in case you are feeling depressed that would be irresponsible but it's worth noting that game design when done properly it can be extremely helpful to people number seven a study in brain imaging and behavior put out not long after the previously mentioned one provides a lot of evidence that excessive play a violent first-person shooters does not actually belong to any your emotional responsiveness or cause any desensitize action at age neural level to violent stimuli the way this study was done was they put people in a brain scanner who had excessive amounts of.
 Hours of play in a regular day people who averaged four point six to four-point nine hours a violent game played daily in on average have been playing these games since they were six years old when they were shown violent imagery or disturbing imagery like dead bodies or death their responses were neurologically speaking literally the same.

 As people who hadn't which implies that instead of blaming violent video games for violence maybe we should be talking about the world around people and what they're responding to rather than what their actual internal self is but that's just my own personal conclusion.

 I'm just a falcon parenting a  scientific study making bad bird jokes number six gamers had to do a weather prediction task in a study that was attempting to find out how video game players learn was that he was part of the collaborative research center which was funded by the German research foundation I am not going to try to say it in German and as it turns out video gamers.
 Do way better with high uncertainty and do a very good job of categorizing facts in generating new knowledge in comparison to people who don't play video games particularly once again action video games number five a study was done on unmanned aerial systems you an S. or drones if you really want to get particulate Lee casual to see who was able to handle them better.

 Whether it be professional pilots are people who play video games and guess who won well nobody it was actually a draw but that's the point the point of this study is that video game players and professional pilots are of equal competency when it comes to piloting drones and that's kind of amazing we're talking about people who were not trained as a pilot not having a significant statistical difference in performance as a person who's trained and certified and has a job and.

 As a pilot well-done gamer group in this study number for a study that was published by sage journals investigated the effects of various different types of cognitive performance including passive break relaxation and the effect that casual video games have on stress and engagement I'll just quote the conclusion for you playing a casual video game even briefly can restore individuals effective abilities making it a suitable activity to restore mood in response to stress ultimately the way this could be applied is that video games help de-stress when a life activities required assisting in the cognitive demand which is I don't know if you know this really important if you have to focus you need the downtime too and video games apparently do a better job than he's dressing your brain.

 Then just like sitting in a chair number three a study in which schizophrenia patients were being studied in relation to video gameplay it was found that people with schizophrenia can actually be calmed and not just to the point of feeling a little bit better but actually trained to calm the part of their brain that is linked to verbal hallucinations genuinely lessening the effects of schizophrenia and helping life be more livable for the twelve patients in the study actually supposedly experienced quote.

 Nasty and threatening verbal who's the nation's everyday end quote and by using their own mental strategies in a video game well connected to an MRI scanner were able to turn down the volume on the voices they heard which is great I mean it's not a full-blown chore or anything but it's inroads and people with schizophrenia I'm sure are happy to hear anything that is not a threatening voice but more particularly inroads to actually helping them with their condition number two in Iowa State University cross-cultural study spend time.

 I'm finding out if video games had a positive or negative influence on behavior regardless of culture and I think you won't be too surprised by this but it doesn't matter what culture you hail from video games tend to have a positive influence on your behavior it makes good sense given all of the other studies we've put here that culture would not be a factor that changes 

how these things work and finally number one this is probably the most noticeably flatter and of the studies but the university of York discovered a link between people's ability to perform well in multiplayer video games to a high level of intelligence the focus of these games were mobile is an F. P. and it was found that both of these types of games are simply just flat out intellectually demanding so what we learned from a lot of these studies is that everything that parents teachers and other authority figures attempt to use to discourage people from playing video games there's evidence against it so there how video games positively impacted you leave us a comment.


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