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Democracy has lost its meaning in India —

Democracy has lost its meaning in India —

Democracy has lost its meaning in India — 

What based on the west. practiced in India for ages, present Democracy feelings of religious Democracy as rightly Lincoln, of the people. 

which is for thriving in Such to a, it to the of is in fact in which we pride nothing in it is in the ethos of Is our pride justified?  

immemorial. never. 'he laid out 'hc a democratic and secular country India. with a multitude of and religion. in aspiration of the people he Keeling this they our which has adopted the good face's of the An rican British order it totty reflect the spiration, of the people. were a node for backward and so that they could say in the of the country such provisions were made in sphere Education. Employment, Legislature-Parliament. so that all segments of the manipulation fruit or free" Without feeling alienated lofty ideals that our leaders envisioned for gelling Ram Rajya in the country. has been completely distorted. Instead of ensuring that the backward and downtrodden are into the mainstream. our critical panics have in their own vested interest. divided the community into caste and creed 'lines, so as to feather own nests. 

Democracy has lost its meaning in India —

Thus we have parties champion the interest of different castes and communities, to the detriment Of the national cause. Contrao to the secular tenets of our constitution. have seen a distinct rise in religious fundamentalism in the country, This is another play to gain power. by exploiting the religious feeling or the people. It portends a perilous future for us, Thus we find that instead Of narrowing the gap. this has in fact been Widcned with each party playing to the gallery. for purely B'litieal reasons. 

The people are being treated vote banks and all political and administrative decisions are taken, after considering the effect of the same on the vote bank. The consequences of this are already discernible. in the slackening of the pace of development and economic growth of the county. has rightly said •the people get the government they deserve , This applies to dismally low level of education and the correspondingly great disparity in economic makes such people gullible to the mechanization of crafty politicians who have own Such people act AS fodder, on Which 'he ambitions of politicians thrive George Shaw rightly said that 'Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many. for apt by the corrupt few." This is exactly what we are witnessing in India truly. that pair doubts about its relevance. is no denying the fact that democracy is still the most successful form Of government world today. 

There is, however, an urgent need to educate our masses and also have an in our constitution. The anomalies and distortions that have crept in over time inadvertently. set right. This is of crucial importance, if really want democracy to succeed in India as Abraham Lincoln rightly said "You can fool all the people some of the time, And some of le all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." people ASSIGNMENTS Democracy is the best form Of government. Give your views for or against the statement. Wiknocracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by corrupt Give your views for or against the statement.

Democracy has lost its meaning in India —


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