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Where Did The Game Of Cricket Originate Essay

  Where Did The Game Of Cricket Originate Essay  Introduction: Cricket, a game that has captured the hearts of millions around the globe, boasts a rich history that dates back centuries. Its origins are deeply rooted in the quaint fields of rural England, evolving over time to become one of the most beloved sports worldwide. Ancient Beginnings: The earliest traces of cricket can be found in 16th-century England, where it was played by children in the picturesque villages. Historians suggest that shepherds may have used their crooks as the first cricket bats, aiming to knock a ball made of sheep's wool between natural landmarks such as trees and gates. This simple pastime gradually gained popularity and became a communal activity in rural communities. Evolution in England: As the game gained momentum, cricket evolved from a casual pastime into a more organized sport. In the 17th century, it found a place in London, where matches were played in open spaces. The emergence of cricket c

5 Online Tools That Helps To Write Better Essay

 5 Online Tools That Helps To Write Better Essay

Writing a good essay is nothing less than a work of art. So, how do you find the tools to paint this picture? 

Good essay writing requires you to create a good outline. Then, you need to follow it up with good research, grammar, and all the other necessary ingredients. However, tending to such ingredients can be a problem.

Mainly because sometimes essay writing can be difficult to keep track of. Not only because of their extensive length but also the focus and quality that academic essays require. That's when you need tools to ensure specific quality and content integrity.

From particular content tones to grammatical prowess, many tools can help you. But how exactly do you write a quality essay? What are the basics, and how do tools help with that? To understand this, let's dive in a little deeper and talk about the tools and why they're needed. 

Writing A Quality Essay

Writing a quality essay is more about formulating an approach rather than following the traditional one. Granted, there are principles that you need to follow when writing a good essay. However, it's a process that's based on more trial and error than it is on formula.

For example, you can use a grammar corrector to check for spelling, but it's up to you to use the words that describe something perfectly. In essay writing, it's all about narrative, research, tone, and understanding of the subject. So, you need tools to help you keep all these requirements in line.

Why Use Tools?

Essay writing can be a lengthy process. Not only because sometimes essays can be thousands of words. Instead, it requires various prerequisites such as research, grammatical understanding, tones, etc. That's why tools are necessary.

How do tools help with such a thing? Because a tool can help you get something done within mere seconds, whereas you doing it manually might take minutes or hours. Therefore, you need a tool's assistance to cut down time and ensure proper quality.

An AI-enthused tool will be much more objective-centric than a tired mind and help you achieve greater quality. 

How To Pick Essay Tools 

The requirement of a good essay isn't that difficult to comprehend. That's why a tool(s) must help you achieve a few specifics, such as:

  • Explore ideas and conduct research

  • Ensure grammatical quality

  • Change or alter content tone if needed

  • Avoid or remove plagiarism 

  • Create an essay outline

  • Improve content flow and readability

If tools can help you achieve all these, then your content is surely going to sway the reader. Thus, essay writing tools are thoroughly employed by the aptest academic writers today. 

They don't necessarily do the job for you; they're an extension of your arm. So, choose your tools wisely.

5 Online Tools To Help You Write Better Essays

These tools can help you write outstanding essays and achieve greater academic prowess.

All the things we've talked about today, including the necessity, criteria, etc., have all been considered in making this list. So, let's get started.

  1. PrePostSEO's Paraphrasing Tool

Prepostseo is a prodigy when it comes to writing tools. Their remarkable tools help writers of all kinds, but nothing comes close to their paraphraser for essay writers. This remarkable tool has all the necessities you will need to formulate a good essay. Have a look:

It's not only easy on the eyes, but it also offers a few great things, such as:

  • Content tones—four of them

  • 1000-word limit

  • Google or One Drive import

  • Natural content tone changes

  • Innate ability to remove plagiarism 

These factors make it the best paraphraser and perhaps the most important companion for today's essay writer

  1.  Paraphraser Grammar Checker  grammar checker is next because grammatical correctness is a bare necessity for all essays. Without grammatically correct essays, a student or an academic writer cannot succeed. Therefore, it's important to ensure it by using a remarkable tool like this. 

This tool can detect grammatical errors that you might commit in a hurry and suggest better alternatives (in yellow). Making it perhaps the smoothest grammar corrector you can find today. On top of that, it's free to use for as many words as you like.

  1. Essay Map – Create Viable Outlines

Essay Map is a great tool for those who cannot keep track of their progress. The thing about essays is that if you create an outline, then you're getting half the job done. That's why it's important to write essays with a good outline, and that's when this tool comes in. 

By helping you map out your essays and explore the best ideas, you can create outlines that keep things on track for you. Making this a necessary addition to any essay writer's arsenal.

  1. Hemmingway Editor – Various Purposes

Hemmingway Editor is one of the chief tools among writers, and for a good reason. It's one of the only tools that help you with a few things, such as:

  • Readability

  • Word counter

  • Grammar correction

  • Content flow

Now, if a tool offers all these, it has to be on a list for essay writers. 

Not only can it help you embellish your essay with a good flow, but it can also help you with the four main elements mentioned before. 

  1. Google Keep– For Online Notes 

Research is important, and Google keep is here to help you with that. Whether you create an outline, keep track of something, or save research material, Google Keep is the best note-keeping tool you can find.

On top of that, this tool is an extension of Google Drive, making it easy to save and access notes. 


These are some of the best tools an essay writer can use to elevate their craft. From note-keeping to changing content tones, using these given tools can help you write an outstanding essay in no time. 

Thank you so much


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