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The immortals of meluha pdf | Book PDF Download

The immortals of meluha pdf

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The immortals of meluha pdf

Details of The immortals of meluha book

  • Book Name: The immortals of meluha
  • Authors: Amish Tripathi
  • Pages: 390
  • Genre: Novel, Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy, Fairy tale
  • Publish Date: 2010
  • Language: English


The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi,  I know this book is extremely famous so a lot of you might have already read it but for those of you who haven't the premise of this book is basically that it's a story that is set in ancient India during the time of the Indus Valley Civilisation 

During that time in the world of this book India is divided into two empires the Meluhan Empire which is ruled by the Sooryavanshi and the swadeepan Empire which is ruled by the Chandravanshi and of course the Sooryavanshi and the Chandravanshi don't get along they're like constantly warring with each other 

The Sooryavanshi's believed that the only way that they can rid the world of the evil Chandravanshi's is with the help of a savior who they call the neelkant enter Lord Shiva who might just be that Savior so then basically the story evolves as Lord Shiva and a bunch of other characters go on these adventures as Lord Shiva is trying to live up to this legend.


So actually the story is quite simple but there was still a couple of things that I really liked about this book so let's jump into them.

1. The world-building the details in which Amish Tripathi has gone to establish that the rules and history of this land that he's created in his books is very very interesting

 He's very diligent in explaining why certain things happen within the kingdom he's also like gone into extreme details about like the different cities that we visit in the book like he meticulously describes each city like the roads the way the city is built how its governed the people like he's described them in such detail that it was really very interesting to read and it was so nice to see that he's not been superficial about those parts of the book

2. The second thing that I loved about this book is the story so now like I said in the beginning the story is actually quite simple it's quite a simple plot so to speak but the way Amish Tripathi has crafted it it gets you hooked and I'm not saying that this book doesn't have flaws 

This book definitely has some flaws which I will get to in a bit but at least with the story you're kind of left with some amount of intrigue you're left with some amount of mystery that you want to know more that happens 

you want to know why a certain character is behaving in this certain way you want to know like more about the history of these characters and you also want to know why certain things I don't want to go into spoilers that's why I'm being very vague but like you want to know why certain things are happening within the book 

I think that was really interesting like I really really enjoyed the pacing of this book also like it was slow and detailed when it had to be and it was also very fast paced and action-packed when it had to be so you not really left feeling bored when you're reading this book 

so yeah those were pretty much the things that I actually liked about the book so now let me come to some of the things that I didn't like 

1. The character development now the character development was honestly quite weak in this book like it seemed the only way we knew that a certain character was good at something or bad at something was because another character was either like showering praises for this character or was like cursing this character in some way 

For example there's a character in this book named sati and a lot of people praise her in this book like they call her brave and they call her noble and they call her kind and there are times when these characters call her these things without the author even ever showing us any of her bravery or her kindness or her nobility 

And yes later on we see one or two instances yeah she but she was brave and yes she was kind but like throughout the book when everyone is like glorifying her and showering her with so much praise it's like does she even deserve it like what has she done what hip what have you as an author showed us that makes us believe that yes, yes she is all these adjectives that you are calling her 

Like that was actually quite frustrating for me to read it's just like no don't just tell me that she is all these things like show me develop her character a little bit like make her do things that make the reader feel that yes, yes this kind of is really brave or yes this character is really evil like without 

You showing these examples or scenes or parts of the book where you describe that it just feels very superficial when you call certain characters certain things 

2. The next thing that I did really liked about this book was the relationships in it and I think this also kind of links back to character development and when I say relationships I don't just mean like the romantic relationships in the book I mean all the relationships 

Like the relationships built out of like trust or friendship even relationships between like soldiers and stuff like all the relationships in this book I feel are very poorly developed the author doesn't really give time to any of these relationships to develop properly such that it feels believable 

Like for example there was let's say a character a in this book right and throughout the book his feelings towards the character be has been of like skepticism, so he's very skeptical about this character be and the whole book he's ex skepticism  that's it that is that's the only sort of emotion or relationship they have emotion

So but but then this character B does this one thing okay he just does this one thing and now suddenly character A is like in love with him and he's like devoted to him and I'm just like huh what what happened to all your skepticism what happened to all like those other emotions that you had towards him that changes like overnight like that doesn't happen in real life 

I mean in this book I feel like there's no gray area it's either black or white it's either love or hate it's either like scepticism or devotion like there's no in-between and that just doesn't make anything believable for me in this book 

3. The last thing that was a little bit frustrating while reading this book was the repetitive writing like seriously guys if I had a dollar for every time someone burst out laughing in this book okay maybe I would be like rich but I have a fair amount of money in my pocket

Because seriously the amount of times the phrase burst out laughing has been used in this book was like frustrating towards the end and honestly the places where the characters were bursting out into laughter like the joke that was said before that was not even funny like 

Seriously they were extremely unfunny like dad jokes and still every character was just like hahahahahaha or at least that's how I imagined it in my head but but seriously like I should have counted I should have actually counted the amount of times people burst out into laughter like that was a missed opportunity like I should have seriously counted so I could have had a number here in this article as to like the number of times someone did that act 

But yeah I think still despite all that I just said right now overall the Immortals of Meluha was quite an enjoyable read now I think the thing that happened for me in this book was that I've read so many like rave reviews about this book I've heard so many people say it's like the best book they've read and I guess I went into it with a lot of expectations 

So then I was kind of left underwhelmed at the end of it but still like I said the story was really good it was quite gripping and it's still quite an enjoyable book to read so I will definitely be picking up the secret of the Nagas and the oath of the viper thrust because I still want to know what happens to these characters and I still want to know what happens more in this world 

So yeah I'm excited to pick those up so yeah that was my review I hope you guys enjoyed this let me know down in the comments what you guys thought about this book because I'd love to have more discussions with you guys down in the comments.

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