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Essay on my favourite animal rabbit


Essay on my favourite animal rabbit

Essay on my favourite animal rabbit

Rabbit is a small animal with long ears it is popularly called a bunny, the shape of a rabbit is like an egg with a small neck and head, rabbits have thick fur on their skin, rabbits have two eyes on the side of their head,

eyes of a rabbit are for safety which can move 360-degree, rabbits have four short but powerful length, Rabbits can jump very far because of its legs, rabbit is a herbivore animal it is grass leaves fruits vegetables, etc. Rabbits usually graze in the fields for a long time.

Small essay on my favourite animal rabbit

I like animals very much my favourite animal is. Rabbit, rabbit, live-in home, and forest. Rabbits are found in various colours such as white, black, and brown in Colors, rabbits are intelligent pets, Rabbits have, four legs rabbits have two ears. Rabbits eat grass and grains.

A rabbit runs very fast rabbit jumps very high, the rabbit is also known as Hare. Rabbit is a vegetarian animal and eats grass, leaves, and fruits, but carrots are their favourite food. Generally, the life of a rabbit is up to 10 to 13 years. Rabbits are very active from daytime to evening rabbit's are also called bucks.

Essay on my favourite animal rabbit in 100 words

I love animals but my favourite animal is a rabbit, rabbits are small animals with big and long ears, they have two round eyes on each side of the head, eyes of a rabbit are for its safety which can move 360 degrees, they have thick and soft fur on their skin,

they have four short but powerful legs, they run very fast, rabbits are herbivores they love to eat carrots, they are found in many colours like white, black, brown, etc. a male rabbit is known as a buck while a female rabbit is known as a doe, rabbits are popularly known as a bunny, I like rabbits because they look cute and are playful animals.

Essay on my favourite animal rabbit in 200 words

my favourite animal is the rabbit. Rabbit is one of the most popular pets after dog and cat, this small animal each found in every corner of the world, a mostly rabbits in the world are found in South America. There are about 30 species of rabbits around the world. The weight of a rabbit up to 2 kg.

They have big ears and big round eyes, the rabbit has a fluffy short and round tail called bob, the rabbit runs very fast, rabbit’s lifespan of around 10 years. Rabbits can sleep with their eyes open.

Rabbits are found in various colours such as white, black, and brown. Rabbits eat grass and fruits, but carrots are their favourite food. Rabbits mostly like to live in forests, farms, and grasslands.

Rabbits are social loving and interactive animals, The rabbit can run at a speed of 60 kilometres per hour. A group of rabbits is known as a colony or nest. a baby rabbit called a kit or kitten. 

Rabbits have a keen sense of smell, sight, and hearing, which helps them defend themselves from danger. Rabbits can see behind themselves without rotating their heads. Rabbits’ hair is very soft because of that they were mostly hunted.

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