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Essay on World Environment Day

  Essay on World Environment Day I will recite an essay on the importance of celebrating World Environment Day that I have also mentioned the purpose of what we are losing day by day with the declining condition of our environment. Yes, friends it is necessary to be discussed among us so that we can know about World Environment Day and other things related to it my dear friends UN had established a special they named as World Environment Day in 1972 to save global environment for our better future on the earth in the happiness of worldwide technological development we have forgotten that we are losing something to such developments have given joy to us however on the other hand it has snatched many natural Heritage's from us. Do you know that our many favorite foods are predicted to go extinct just because of our mistakes have been done for years in the form of developments like high use of electricity deforestation industrialization direct sewer yelling to thee large river canals

Essay on relationship between sociology and education

    Essay on relationship between sociology and education.  Before understanding the relationship, it is very important to understand the meaning of education and sociology.  Education means to nourish or to bring up education means to draw out the best in the child. And it involves a process of modification of behavior, socialization, social efficiency, cultural isolation, adjustment to environment, harmonious development all down the government of the personality. So it means that education helps in the old on development of the child, the things which are already enduring the child tell it to nourish, to polish the qualities of the child. So it is very important that personality of the child must be developed as a whole.  what is sociology?  Sociology can be defined as the study of man and its environment in relation with each other. It is concerned with social interaction, social relations or institutions, social groups, social structure, social change and other social phenomena I

Durga Puja 2019-2020

Short Essay on Durga Puja Durga Puja which we celebrate with great pomp and joy is been started by Shri Rama during the war with the Devon Ravana at the time of Ashwin, the Ravana was killed by Rama is known as Dussehra. Apart from all now we enter into the main incarnation of the divine being . as per Hindu mythology, t he festival marks the victory of goddess  Durga against the battle with mahisasura. It shows the victory of good over evil and also its influences and enhances the motherly or women's power behind all of life and creation.  Durga puja is been coincides with Navratri and Dussehra celebrations by other traditions of Hinduism in which ram Lila drama is been enacted by common by the common people where it shows the victory of Rama against Ravana, and they finally burn the effigies of Ravana .  But the whole panorama is been started from the day ( mahalaya ) is also known as akalbodhan . A day on which all the Hindu goes to river Ganga and offers wat

Essay on Dependence on technology makes humanity less intelligent

  Essay on Dependence on Technology Makes Humanity Less Intelligent  Humans depend upon technology for each and everything for example from his house to the school college office etc, this is not even a single place where technology is not used there are advantages as well as disadvantages of Technology. Technology is making humanity less intelligent you must have been familiar with the word atrophy, atrophy is the condition of losing muscle flesh strength, etc in the part of the body. which is not being used man's increasing dependence on technology has literally atrophied his intelligence not only intelligence the dependence on technology is visible in all aspects of his life. Technology has advanced over a century of years over a past century and people used to dream back then how they would organize their lives within the palms of their hands and that dream has finally become a reality. Technological advancement and unlimited accessibility to information knowledge luxuries and

Essay on how to improve habits of cleanliness in daily life

  Essay on how to improve habits of cleanliness in daily life For every human personal hygiene is it important as our daily food personal hygiene gives us healthy and disease-free life, in definition hygiene is defined as the science and practice maintaining good health in simple words personal hygiene is taking care of one's own body  The four main aspects of personal hygiene are one cleanliness to rest and sleep three physical exercise four healthy habits cleanliness  Cleanliness of hand and skin is the most essential part in our daily life on starting our day we use many things while handling them would touch the objects like furnitures coins supporting rods in buses seats etc every object that we touch or pay may carry germs which are transferred over other parts of the body and does it can also transfer into the body through food  We can maintain personal hygiene by following some of the measures that help us to attain disease-free life  Practising of daily hand wash with

Essay on conservation of natural resources

  Essay on conservation of natural resources Planet Earth is warming up quickly as a result of human activities mainly the burning of fossil fuels examples of fossil fuels are coal oil and natural gas  Humans depend on fossil fuels for transportation heating and electricity the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century saw a boom in manufacturing worldwide factories were created and mass production began so too did the burning of fossil fuels to run those factories  Our dependence on fossil fuels has continued to grow along with our population as we burn fossil fuels they release greenhouse gases that trap in heat the major gases produced by humans are carbon dioxide and methane  landfills and the meat industry create enormous amounts of methane every year as vegetation breaks down it releases methane this is why those landfills create so much every year also when vegetation is digested through cows and pigs methane is released The size of farms has grown over the past 100