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Essay on relationship between sociology and education

    Essay on relationship between sociology and education.  Before understanding the relationship, it is very important to understand the meaning of education and sociology.  Education means to nourish or to bring up education means to draw out the best in the child. And it involves a process of modification of behavior, socialization, social efficiency, cultural isolation, adjustment to environment, harmonious development all down the government of the personality. So it means that education helps in the old on development of the child, the things which are already enduring the child tell it to nourish, to polish the qualities of the child. So it is very important that personality of the child must be developed as a whole.  what is sociology?  Sociology can be defined as the study of man and its environment in relation with each other. It is concerned with social interaction, social relations or institutions, social groups, social structure, social change and other social phenomena I

Essay On Dependence On Technology Makes Humanity Less Intelligent

  10 Iines On Dependence On Technology Makes Humanity Less Intelligent 1. Excessive dependence on technology can lead to a decline in critical thinking skills as individuals rely on instant answers and solutions instead of engaging in independent analysis and evaluation. 2. The reliance on technology for problem-solving can hinder the development of creative and innovative solutions, limiting individuals' ability to think outside the box. 3. With technology serving as an external memory aid, individuals may rely less on their own memory and cognitive abilities, potentially leading to a decline in the retention and recall of information. 4. The ease of accessing information through technology can discourage deep analysis and synthesis of knowledge, as individuals may settle for superficial understanding rather than developing a comprehensive comprehension of concepts. 5. Overreliance on digital communication platforms can diminish face-to-face interactions, impacting the development

Essay on how to improve habits of cleanliness in daily life

  Essay on how to improve habits of cleanliness in daily life For every human personal hygiene is it important as our daily food personal hygiene gives us healthy and disease-free life, in definition hygiene is defined as the science and practice maintaining good health in simple words personal hygiene is taking care of one's own body  The four main aspects of personal hygiene are one cleanliness to rest and sleep three physical exercise four healthy habits cleanliness  Cleanliness of hand and skin is the most essential part in our daily life on starting our day we use many things while handling them would touch the objects like furnitures coins supporting rods in buses seats etc every object that we touch or pay may carry germs which are transferred over other parts of the body and does it can also transfer into the body through food  We can maintain personal hygiene by following some of the measures that help us to attain disease-free life  Practising of daily hand wash with