why balance is soo important? | balance is beneficial essay

why balance is soo important? | balance is beneficial essay


Why Balance Is So Important?

I really feel like that not enough people are talking about this topic and about the importance of balance, we hear people talk about positivity and how to become better humans and of course, these things are also very important but balance is extremely important as well imagine that life is a box of chocolates, 

the box is full of different types of chocolates with different flavours and every single chocolate has its own unique taste and you only pick one of them and chew on that same piece for your entire life that is not what I would call a life

by doing that you become one-dimensional and you don’t want to become one-dimensional because that’s boring have you ever met someone that only talks about one thing and you just can’t just close your eyes for a minute and think about that one person, 

even if you just spot them on the street you know that if you go and say hi to them they will start talking about the thing that they always do that could be for example football or maybe it could be a car enthusiast or anything like that just someone who’s very passionate about one thing only 

being passionate about something is amazing and I couldn’t agree more that having something that you’re really passionate about is one of the most amazing feelings ever something that you can really focus on and something that you can really be creative about it’s wonderful

 I know that and I do agree 100% but what I disagree with is forgetting all the other parts of your life we have seen some people who call themself workaholics work on a work project for weeks or months or years where 

they spend most of their time on that project and you know in the end they might get a promotion they might get a better job or they might even get in a higher position but just imagine for a second how many times they had to say no to join the family for the dinner or how many time they didn’t have time for their kids or their wife 

the people in your life miss you they love you and they care about you and they expect the same from you as well you can’t just be focused on one area of life and forget everything and everyone else and still expect that they’re gonna be there waiting for you forever because they’re not one day they’re gonna leave what you should do is become a package that’s what makes us attractive 

when we can be passionate about one thing but we can also be responsible with other things when we know how to divide our time and when we can prioritize what we should do and when that makes a huge difference and that makes us extremely attractive because that’s what really matters 

when you turn around the people who waited for you are not gonna be there any more you don’t have all the time in the world to think let me just finish this project or let me just finish this game or let me just finish this thing that I’m doing it 

then I’m gonna turn around and go back because sometimes it’s too late so if you are currently focused on one thing at the moment I urge you to put it down for a second and look around you 

what else is important in your life what else has a meaning in your life who else do you want to see who else do you want to be with what friends do you want to visit 

where do you want to go with you girlfriend or boyfriend just take a look at what’s around you and I’m sure you’re gonna see things and people that you haven’t seen in a long time and hopefully that will make you realize what you missed out on



Balance is what we all need, those who are looking for work and some argue that not only means work-life balance but creating balance and balance, the balance between doing so and letting it happen gives some logic That you must work hard and take action to achieve anything in life. In a way, actions are needed and if you want to be successful in accomplishing things in this world Te If your place of hard work
However, sacrifice should never be your life, the quality of your life, your presence overshadowing your happiness creates anxieties and stresses, which are usually achieved by a quality work that takes lousy decisions when you are present. There are when you love, you can still work hard, but your hard work should be done by wanting to do this work, not by doing that work because It cooked plate lot

Every task you do must be conscious and present. If you have too much on your plate, you are always thinking of another task while the present is not going to do anything to the best of your ability. It is better to complete a work being done completely and completely 100 incomplete and incomplete

Every moment we should ask ourselves what is really important, what is really important, it is necessary today, I get out of the house and go to work, I should be in the office in my head, while my children ask me Talking unconsciously completely if I lost my loved ones today

Can I honestly say that I was committed and present to those who truly are one of the most powerful principles for me to maintain my vision of life, the days of photographing myself at my own funeral? Beginning Ask yourself if I wanted to hide what I had to live today really matters every day, how I wanted to live or whether I was the most Fie was like just mad to get things

Can I just get a better start now portraying yourself at your funeral, it’s powerful because it helps you understand that physical thing and chase the big dollar. It’s really important that you, You can’t take money with you, you can’t take a fancy car with you. And your loved ones never cared what you did in the office

They will only care about who you were and how you made them feel. That doesn’t mean you go out and leave your job and live in a cave with your family, you can still succeed in business and You can still earn huge sums of money. The point here is to always keep in mind what is most important in your life, there will always be things that need to be done. And are always a few things undone

They are not more important than your happiness. Now they are not more important than this moment. They are not more important than the people you love. Just ask anyone who has lost a loved one. Do not wait until suddenly. Don’t start too late don’t start living till it’s too late to understand

What’s really important in your life, don’t wait until it’s too late to be happy, be happy with a lighthearted heart, don’t take life seriously. That means no matter what. What are you doing?
For many people living with Jones has become a competition for neighbours to be better or greater at how much of the western world lives. If we have less physically spoken then we feel like a human if We have less like our more and more explosions. It’s not what people care about?

If you are chasing things that you will never be happy and always chasing then you will die and no one cares because your soul died long ago. There is nothing wrong with money or extremely rich. It is great to be in the right hands when there are so many great people on earth who do great things with their wealth
We are talking here about people who suffer from material things and are better than their friends and their neighbours, we are talking about those who once achieved success
If you think that wealth is the most important thing on earth, then try to count your wealth, while the wealth of your breath is not fully alive, now the answer is love, the answer is kindness, compassion, the answer is happiness, The answer is happiness, the answer is.

Thank you😊

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