my favourite animal | Essay on My Favorite animal

my favourite animal | Essay on My Favorite animal

🐶Essay on My Favorite animal🐶

I really like animals a lot but among all animals, my favourite is a dog. The dog is a domesticated animal. They are very dear friends of the people. They guard people’s homes all day. The wide, bright eyes and a strong sense of smell make it different from other animals. They are strong and extremely loving and loyal to his master. 

They can smell their owner from distant. There are many types of these: – Baby dogs, grey breeds, blood breeds, coiled dogs etc. Their teeth are guided and their hearing aids are also exemplary. They are very useful in catching thieves and criminals by the powerful means of listening and sniffing. The nose print of each dog is different. People love him for his great service.

People say that “a dog is a man’s best friend” is absolutely true because they are loyal and extremely loyal. They are very intelligent animals. They protect us from strangers if they try to get to our house, their strong bark is enough to keep people from sleeping. 

Some dogs are trained to bring fish from the pond where some are trained to train people trapped in the debris after a catastrophe. Not only can they be enlisted and domesticated, but these beautiful animal children can also be trained in bomb squads, investigations and military service. Many blind people rely on dogs for help. Likewise, there are many children who spend time with dogs.

Dogs eat bread, fish, meat and others to eat. He is the ubiquitous animal. He is intelligent and loyal to his teacher. They can train well. In some families, a dog is considered a favourite pet and one of the family members. Small puppies are recognized in the family and beloved as their favourite and big dogs are strong enough to fight thieves and robbers.

Some Facts About Dogs are:- 🐶🐶🐶

  • There are more than 150 breeds of dogs.
  • They have a strong sense of smell, so they only eat foods that smell good.
  • It is also surprising to learn that an adult dog has 42 teeth.
  • Most importantly, the dog is considered a breed of wolves.
  • Dogs are able to experience a few minutes of change in airflow through Vibricia which is suspected to be a technical name for their jaws, under the jaw and above the eyes.
  • Dogs are very helpful in reducing your blood pressure.
  • The dog has a wet nose because it is helpful in the smell and absorption of chemicals.
  • Also, the various concerns you have after you leave are a piece of cloth that can be controlled by leaving a smell on your body.

conclusion:- 🐶

Not only dogs are animals, but they are also pets, friends and investigators, with some families treating dogs as family members. The Department of Disinvestment employs them as security agents to find important solutions to the problem. 

They are trained so cleverly that is why they are called smart animals. Dogs are too smart to catch things too easily and so it is our responsibility to protect them but some people do not value dogs. Never leave your dog in a situation because it makes them frustrated and frustrated. Dogs are a truly loyal animal on earth.

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