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Where Did The Game Of Cricket Originate Essay

  Where Did The Game Of Cricket Originate Essay  Introduction: Cricket, a game that has captured the hearts of millions around the globe, boasts a rich history that dates back centuries. Its origins are deeply rooted in the quaint fields of rural England, evolving over time to become one of the most beloved sports worldwide. Ancient Beginnings: The earliest traces of cricket can be found in 16th-century England, where it was played by children in the picturesque villages. Historians suggest that shepherds may have used their crooks as the first cricket bats, aiming to knock a ball made of sheep's wool between natural landmarks such as trees and gates. This simple pastime gradually gained popularity and became a communal activity in rural communities. Evolution in England: As the game gained momentum, cricket evolved from a casual pastime into a more organized sport. In the 17th century, it found a place in London, where matches were played in open spaces. The emergence of cricket c

How to Improve Essay Writing Skills with the help of Online Tools

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How to Improve Essay Writing Skills with the help of Online Tools

An essay is a writing piece having multiple types. You can write essays on personalities, products, and critical analyses of a situation. Every essay writing needs searching and relevant material that adds weightage to it.

Every one of us can write essays but the skill may differ in style and perfection scale. With experience and practice, essay writing skills can be improved a lot.

Essay writing skills

You can acquire a set of practices for improving your writing skills. These practices have some steps that you can do daily and make a good essay on any topic.

Outline formation

Outline or write points that explain your whole topic. Before starting any type of essay you should know what topic you are writing about and what points should you include in your topic.

The essay should be in a proper structure. First, you have to write an introduction to the topic that should be comprehensive. In the introduction, you should write about your topic and the next sections that you will write.

After that add the body paragraphs. These paragraphs should be in sequence. Like if you are writing for a personality you should start these paragraphs with the education and then the life achievements.

In the end, you should necessarily write the conclusion in conclusion the topic should be summed up.

Keep your tone natural and grammar correct

Essays should be in a natural tone. You should not have to fill it with extra knowledge and wordiness. While writing takes care of your sentences and their structure. For this purpose, you should practice your grammar.

The placement of common and proper nouns should be appropriate. The essay should not have grammar mistakes. Try to use an active voice as they will sound more confident. Punctuation marks should be used at definite places like commas for a short pause and full stops for a long pause.

Make use of the right vocabulary

Language matters a lot. Through language, you can make a communication bridge with your reader. make sure that your language is simple. The vocabulary of the essay should be strong but also simplified. Don’t use complex words.

Not every word can fit in every situation. Similarly, a single word can be used differently in different situations. Always choose a word that exactly fits. It will make your essay comprehensive and less redundant.

Provide relevant details

Some people give extra and irrelevant details in their essays. This makes a very negative impression on the reader.

Always provide the details and evidence that support your main idea. Evaluate your arguments and make connections. This will make your essay strong.

Always provide a conclusion

Wrapping the information is very important. You can’t end your essay on the body paraphrase. You have to writhe a short 5 to 6 line summary of your topic at the end of the essay.

This summary should include the main points of the whole topic with the last line that ends up beautifully.

Essay writing and online tools

This is the era of smart and modern education. Students have switched from whiteboards to digital devices for their homework and notes. For everyday assignments and thesis, online tools are used.

Not only in education but in the field of blog writing and professional writing career, online tools have been used that help in making error-free pieces of writing.

For essays, there are dozens of tools that can help you. With these tools, you can make your text comprehensive and high quality. They increase the readability of your material by making them engaging.Here are two examples of such tools that can help a lot:

This paraphrase tool can assist you in essay writing. By writing raw content you can use this tool. This paraphrase tool will rewrite or paraphrase your content and give it a better structure.

To use this tool you just have to enter your text on the given input point. And it will rewrite it in a single is a multilingual tool so you can paraphrase in different languages.

This tool has three modes i.e. fluency, standard and creative. In fluency mode, the words are changed and synonyms are fluency, mode mistakes are removed like misspelled words. The third mode of creativity is very modifies the whole structure.

New sentences are added and broken points are critically removed. All the duplicate material is eliminated and sematic vocabulary is incorporated.

During paraphrasing, the original tome remains maintained and paraphrasing is just like human manual rewriting. This tool is AI-based hence the material obtained after paraphrasing will be free from every type of plagiarism.

It is a free tool that has a friendly interface. You can paraphrase 500 words in one shot with this tool. As it is a bundled tool you can make summaries by it and also make citations through it.

Prepost is a professional tool that can help you in enhancing your essay writing skills. With its plain text editor you can edit text online easily and free of cost. You can convert your raw information into a professionally written essay.

To use it you have to write your text in the editor. If you have the file you can also upload it. Formatting can also be changed. Below you will get five options.

With this option, you can save your material in PDF, in DOC, check plagiarism, remove grammatical mistakes and paraphrase the text. You can make use of these options one by one.

For you remove all the punctuation and grammar mistakes in your essay content. After that paraphrase it from the paraphrasing feature. For ensuring the absence of any type of copyright use uses a plagiarism checker.

At the end save your file in the form you wanted such as PDF or DOC. this is a free text editor and does not require any installation. You can meet your short deadlines through it.

Besides these tools, you can use CleverSpinner, Chimp rewriter, Duplichecker, Editpad, etc for rephrasing and essay writing.


Essay writing can be hectic work if you have no interest in writing. But for an academic career, it is an important task. You may have plenty of ideas in your mind but don’t know the method of shaping them. This problematic situation can be easily handled by online tools.

With these tools, you can make catchy headings, remove errors, and add semantic words to your essay without disturbing the natural tone of the essay.

In short for portraying your ideas in a better way in your essay you can take the assistance of online software that is not only time-saving but also provide you with accurate and secure results.



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