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10 Lines On Labour Day In English

  5 Lines On Labour Day In English 1. Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated on May 1st to honor the contributions and achievements of workers. 2. It is a day to recognize the importance of fair labor practices and the rights of workers worldwide. 3. Labour Day originated from the labor movement's efforts to establish better working conditions and improve workers' rights. 4. This day serves as a reminder to value and appreciate the hard work and dedication of individuals in various industries. 5. It is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made in labor rights and to continue advocating for a fair and just work environment. 10 Lines On Labour Day In English 1. Labour Day, also known as International Workers' Day, is celebrated on May 1st every year in many countries around the world. 2. It is a day dedicated to honoring and recognizing the contributions and achievements of workers and the labor movement. 3. Labour Day is a public holiday in several countries, provid

Essay on a Visit to an Science Exhibition


Essay on a Visit to an Science Exhibition

Short Essay on a Visit to an Science Exhibition

Our school participated in a competition in the Science fair in Lucknow. We got the opportunity to visit that fair and explore all the stalls.

I will share my experience here. Our School prepared a project for electricity saving. And it was nominated for the main event and we went there to present the project.

There were more than 100 stalls in the fair. All of them came with their unique ideas and inventions. It is an amazing experience for science lovers who love to know more about science. The entire and for fair surprised me a lot it was a huge inspiration me

Essay on a Visit to an Science Exhibition

Last week we had a science fair in our school. It was held in the assembly hall. The teachers helped the students in preparing the working models and charts.

There were three sections at the fair. The first was the Biology section. Many kinds of plants, Stuffed birds, Yarious kinds of snakes and insects were displayed.

The second was the Physics section. There were many models and charts showing the development in space technology.

Experiments on electricity and magnetism were displayed. There was a model of a robot also.

In the chemistry section, the students showed the visitors how soap was made. There were charts explaining various chemical reactions. All the visitors liked the fair very much .

Short Essay on a Visit to an Science Exhibition

Last month a grand exhibition was organized in our city. Me and my friends went to see it in the evening.

Our first impression upon entering the fray was that the whole thing looked like fairy land. The vast space was decorated with glitter, glitter and purple and was lit up with countless lights. 

Men, women and children were roaming every corner, admiring the beauty of all kinds of stalls put up. These stalls were like small shops.

While the stalls made for a very interesting sight, the Children's Corner in the exhibition attracted us the most. 

There was a crowd of boys and girls in the Children's Corner. All kinds of fun can be seen here. 

The children and some were enjoying the big wheels, wooden hoses, dodge cars, railway trains and other things. 

I too had my share of fun with my friends and returned home enjoying the happiest evening.

Essay on a Visit to a Science Exhibition 100 Words 

A fair is a place of fun and frolic. Fairs are held to remove the monotony of life. But science fairs seem to serve a different purpose. They provide entertainment but their main objective is to arouse interest in the study of science among the students, develop confidence in modern technology and adopt a scientific approach in life.

I participated in such a fair at Ramjas Senior Secondary School, Paharganj. All the rooms where the fair was held were decorated with charts. The objects selected novelty and fascinated visitors.

What interested me most was the workings of the human body, demonstrated and powered by electricity. The work of the heart, digestive system, and other body parts were actually on the eyes. I returned home very rich in knowledge.

Essay on a Visit to an Science Exhibition 200 Words

Pune, February 10 : The Science Exhibition on Environment Pollution organized by the Education Department of Pune was both informative and educative. 

Held at Tilak Ground. There were around 15 stalls showcasing various aspects of environmental pollution. 

Charts, models and slides were used to provide information on land pollution, water pollution and air pollution.

There was a section on noise pollution. One section depicted acid rain and showed how it is caused by gases emitted by motor vehicles, factories and power plants that burn coal or oil. 

Its dire effects on lakes, streams, marine life and drinking water were clearly delineated. There was a section on 'recycling' as a means of controlling pollution.

Interesting ways to recycle cans, newspapers and glass bottles were described. Student volunteers from different schools were well informed and explained the procedures and procedures with confidence. 

The exhibition opens the eyes of visitors to the horrific crimes we are committing against our planet in the name of progress. 

It also clearly brought to the fore the fact that mankind is slowly but surely moving towards its own destruction and destruction.

Essay on a Visit to a Science Exhibition 350 Words 

We students of Shri Hirabai Educational Academy organized science fair and entertainment fair in their school premises. 

We put up our exhibition for the audience. Our school was busy with different arrangements and activities throughout the morning. 

Once the exhibition started, we started explaining our projects to the audience. Exhibits ranged from posters, projections and charts to working models.

One of the main advantages of orgaizing this exhibition was the excellent opportunity for the visitors to display their talent and creativity. 

This exhibition helped us learn a lot more than just our test books. We explained various concepts that were sitting deep in our mind.

Mrs. Zinnifer, a retired science teacher and former principal of Delzonian High School, was the chief guest and judge of the exhibition. 

He appreciated the efforts and hard work of the students. He also expressed his difficulties in judging the best model. 

However, for me, such exhibitions brought out the best in us and inspired us to follow science.

We were divided into three groups for the exhibition. The first group consisted of students from classes I to V. 

The students of classes VI and VII were part of the second group. The last group consisted of eighth and ninth grade students.

Marks were awarded on the parameters of the subject covered and the presentation skills of the student for each exhibition. 

Apart from the academic aspect, such exhibition boosts our confidence. Through this exhibition we not only learned various scientific concepts but also how to display these concepts in the form of interesting models.

There was a fun fair along with our science exhibition. We set up stalls to offer games and snacks like Hakka Noodles, Samosas, Limewater etc. 

We got a chance to market our products. Over the past seven days, all the displays, games and content for the snacks were prepared by us. Everyone appreciated our efforts.

Some interesting projects were shortlisted by the respective judge. Names were announced and several projects and models begged for awards. We all felt very proud to receive our respective awards from the judges. 

A project on door bell work performed by a group of class IX students was awarded as the best science project of the year.

Essay on a Visit to an Science Exhibition 400 Words 

Recently, I along with my friends visited an exhibition held in the Science and Arts Cultural Hall of our city. It was named 'Science and Craft Exhibition'. I was really impressed by it. It was a huge exhibition, but still not as big as the national and international exhibition held in Delhi.

Science and Arts in the Cultural Hall

We entered the hall gate at 3 pm. There we saw many decorated stalls which were colorful nearby. The vast space was decorated with glitter, glitter and pink and was lit up with countless lights. 

It seemed as though something else was happening as we walked down the hall. All the stalls were beautifully decorated with chart-papers and fabrics of different colours. 

It was certainly clear that all the participants used their skills and imagination with their shops. The hall had two sections. The first was for science projects and the second was for craft projects. They were all handmade.

Even my friends and I enjoyed a few food stalls there. There were a few shops selling tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks where we refreshed ourselves. 

There were some amusements and rides such as Mira Go Round and Giant Wheel. We spent about five hours at the exhibition. 

Everyone including women and children were going from corner to corner. They were all admiring the beauty and uniqueness of all kinds of stalls put up in the hall. The stalls looked like small shops.

About Science Section

Our first impression upon entering the science section was such that the whole thing seemed like a fairyland. Many scientists came from all over India. 

They belonged to different states. We visited so many domes that were presenting science, technology and communication. 

There were a variety of models of computers, satellites and rockets. We also saw some tanks there which are used in fighting and defense. 

We take great pride in our advances in science and technology. We also had robot experience there. There were also a few other stalls of electronic goods, robotic toys and science fiction books.

About craft section

Then we entered the Craft and Art section. There were many artists and craftsmen from all the states. He displayed so many things that caught our eyes. Pottery, handbags, cloth, shawls, handicrafts, paintings, caps, ornaments, handlooms, jute crafts were just a few of them.

We realized that craftsmen and artists must have spent months or even years preparing for this exhibition. What we all liked best was the shawls of Kashmir. 

It was really amazing to know what a man could do with both his hands. There were also some prizes for the best decorated colorful stalls in the craft section, best artist, best craftsman etc. I believe that the craftsman of the Kashmiri stall must have got the award.


We are really happy because we have got such a huge opportunity to see arts, crafts and science from different states in this exhibition. I am glad that I got a chance to witness the wonders that the people of our country have offered to the world from time to time. 

The performances were really nice and humbling. He also gave us important information about different states. We saw many different cultural aspects of all the states of India. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the exhibition and I must admit that it was one of the best experiences of my life.

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