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Independence Day Speech For Students in English

Independence day speech for students of class 1 or 2 Good morning, honourable chief guest, principal, teachers and my friends. I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day.  Today we are honoured to address him on the 72nd Independence Day. A day when we remember all the glory of our nation.  As we remember the struggles, rebellions of Indian freedom fighters and the efforts of our Indian freedom fighters.  In my view, freedom is a very precious gift of Indian freedom fighters.  I would like to thank you once again for your attention and for giving me the opportunity to speak before you. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram:-- Also read:  15 August Poem in English Independence day speech for students of class 1 or 2 Many congratulations to the honourable Chief Guest of the day, Respected Principal Sir, respected teachers, parents, and all my dear friends.  I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day. Everyone present here knows the reason for coming together in such a

Role of students in environmental protection essay


Role of students in environmental protection essay

Role of students in environmental protection essay

Introduction It is very important for our environment to remain clean and lifelong. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The environment in which we live is getting damaged by our own actions. There is an urgent need to take proactive steps for environmental protection and involve the younger generation in it. Steps for Environmental Protection: Here are some important points to ensure that our environment remains out of harm's way - 1. Ban the use of plastic bags and products. 2. Make sure your household waste is disposed of properly. 3. Stop littering and encourage others to do the same. 4. Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but use organic fertilizers. 5. Minimize the use of vehicles as exhaust gases are the biggest polluters of the air. 6. Save the forests and plant trees as they are the lungs of the environment. 7. Minimize the use of groundwater or surface water. Students' role in the environment Conservation:

Students play a very important role in environmental protection. They are sensitive, receptive, and take any advice, suggestion generously. There are many schools that actively participate in cleanliness drives. The students are full of energy and enthusiasm and their contribution to such campaigns is immeasurable. Also, a student who understands the value of the environment will teach the same to the younger and older in his family. Conclusion:

It is very important that we keep our environment safe and free from pollution. Involving young students for this will work wonders for this purpose.

Role of students in environmental protection essay

What is 'Environment'?

The place we live, the world around us, the trees, the rivers, the animal kingdom, the house where we live are all our environment. Human life is much influenced by both physical and social environments.

Everyone expects that the environment around us should be clean and free from pollution. The environment has already been affected much by pollution with air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and radioactive pollution.

How do we protect the environment is the next question. At the outset, we have to see that air and water pollution is reduced to the maximum level. A large number of trees have to be grown.

Gardens are to be set up in cities to generate pure air. Sewage treatment of polluted water and a ban on the discharge of industrial wastes into rivers can reduce water pollution.

People throw waste items and pollute the land. Such waste items can be melted and used to make useful products. Wastes like plastic, glass, paper can be recycled.

Above all people should be educated. Radio, T. V., newspapers, books, cinema posters, street plays are the most effective means of environmental education. This will make everyone vigilant and aware of environmental problems.

The environment is ours. We have to protect our fragile environment from further degradation. If we protect our environment, it naturally protects us in all walks of life.

Role of students in environmental protection essay

Youth as Backbone of the Nation history has allowed us to see the past, and there remain many more rules, laws and conventions that are made for protecting the environment, yet even until now, there is no effective implementation.

For this implementation, the youth play a vital role. It is believed that nations with vast youth population could see enormous development, if they put resources into young people's education, health and protect and ensure their rights.

* They can change the future of the society with their well being and courageous. The youth is the most imperative and dynamic fragment of the population in any nation.

* By applying the greening knowledge at home and schools, we can help to market city, a greener city. Discarding computers, electrical appliances and rechargeable batteries can seriously harm the environment.

* Youth role is to implement recycling programs for used computers and electrical appliances. There are also many collection points for recycling of rechargeable batteries, so do not simply throw them away. Youth have a role to play in environmental and conservation efforts that will improve livelihoods.

* Modern youths are relatively more expose to technological platforms like social media and other dimension or multimedia platforms. The modern use of these gadgets produce more dangerous chemicals as it uses more greenhouse effects that may suit for destroying the environment.

* Educating youth and total understanding about this problem could be a solution by lessening the uses of modern technology that advances for more disadvantages for environmental safety.

*Youths has greater advantage in using the 21st century gadgets in promoting nature. By means of emphasizing the beauty of nature, its benefits and sharing the view of nature.

* At the same time, realizing all drawbacks of excessive resource gathering and damaging nature by simply not putting waste and hazardous chemicals to its proper disposal. Reflecting on this terms, youths can be informative just by making videos, sharing and spreading it in social media platforms.

* Modern youths are relatively more expose to technological platforms like social media and other dimension or multimedia platforms. The modern use of these gadgets produce more dangerous chemicals as it uses more greenhouse effects that may suit for destroying the environment.

* Educating the fellow youths how actions affect the nature in positive and negative ways will develop an empathy towards nature, and will decrease the rate or destruction in the future.

* By participating Outdoor recreational activities like Hiking, Camping, etc, they will learn to value nature, since they've experienced it in firsthand.

* Joining groups/organization can widen their perspective and can lend a helping hand not just by spreading information, but also joining nature base programs such as tree planting, collecting trash on trails in mountains, inviting more interested youths etc.

* Youth participation starts from home. Child learns the first lesson of cleanliness, water and power consumption, gardening and other issues from home. It teaches them the responsibility of protecting the environment and natural resources.

* Youth can change their lifestyle and how it affects the environment. They can make their homes, schools and youth organizations more environmentally friendly by adopting environmentally friendly practices, recycling of different materials as well as preserving resources such as water and electricity.

* Engaging youth in environmental protection not only creates direct impact on changing youth behaviours and attitudes, but possibly influence their parents, relatives and parents

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