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Speech on Miss India in English

  Speech on Miss India in English Good Morning everyone, today I am presenting a speech on Miss India I am very happy to win the title of Miss India. It was my dream to wear the crown of Miss India. I am selected for Miss India because I worked very hard, always keep smiling on my face, be determined, be confident, and positive to win this position. I enjoyed this beautiful journey. I am feeling amazing. I believed in myself and that's why I am standing here today. My passion, desire, and strong determination to make it to the top. Thank you to every one of you for supporting me always believing in me and making me feel worth it. Also read: Independence Day Speech For Students in English Also read: 2 Minute Speech on Social Media  Also read: Speech On Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in Hindi 2022 Also read: Speech on Good Manners for Students in English THANK YOU SO MUCH

10 lines on nuclear family essay

10 lines on nuclear family essay

 10 lines on nuclear family essay 

1. Family is a group of two or more persons who live together.

2. Individuals may be related by birth, marriage or adoption.

3. There are different types of families in our country.

4. One of them is a nuclear family.

5. A nuclear family consists of two parents and their children.

6. Nuclear family is a small family.

7. Nuclear family has both advantages and disadvantages.

8. There will be less conflict in nuclear family as compared to joint family.

9. Mothers in nuclear family will have enough time to take care of their children.

10. But the feeling of loneliness is one of the great disadvantages of a nuclear family.

 10 lines on nuclear family essay 

1. A nuclear family consists of two parents and their children.

2. This is a small family.

3. A nuclear family has both pros and cons

4. Nuclear family will enjoy privacy.

5. Family expenses will be less.

6. Children will be closer to their parents.

7. Parents will get enough time to take care of their children.

8. But there will be no mutual cooperation in nuclear family.

9. Discipline is usually low.

10. Nowadays nuclear or joint family system is taking over the urban areas of India.


 10 lines on nuclear family essay 

1. Nuclear family is also called isolated family/small family.
2. Nuclear family is defined as the parents of mother and father and their minor children who are living under one roof.
3. Nuclear family is a prosperous family and fights are less in nuclear family.
4. Both the parents shared the responsibility.
5. Nuclear family people mostly live in cities.
6. People in nuclear family are stress free.
7. There is no interference in nuclear family.
8. In this, parents can save for the future of the children.
9. The problems with this atom are very limited.
10. The future of children is bright in nuclear family.
11. Nuclear family is the favorite family of the new commander.

 10 lines on nuclear family essay 

1. Nuclear family is one which consists of mother, father and their children.

2. Nuclear family is small family, also called matrimonial or primary family.

3. The concept of nuclear family originated in 13th century for England.

4. There are only two generations in a nuclear family.

5. The practice of nuclear families gained popularity in the 20th century.

6. In nuclear family, all the members are free to take their own decisions.

7. In this type of family member's prick is well noticed.

8. However, children are deprived of the love of their grandparents.

9. Nuclear families are free from unnecessary conflicts and disagreements.

10. Urbanization and modernization are the main reasons for the increase in nuclear families.

 10 lines on nuclear family essay 

1. Family is a very important part of our life.
2. Nuclear family has fewer members as compared to joint family.
3. Nuclear family consists of your parents and your brother or sister and you.
4. In nuclear family we get more facilities, we can get anything freely.
5. If you live in a nuclear family then if you want to do something then you do not need to take permission.
6. There is freedom to do anything in a nuclear family, here you do not need to ask anyone but information has to be given.
7. In nuclear family we celebrate our festival with great joy and ease.
8. Our government is also supporting the nuclear family.
9. You don't need much space in nuclear fmaily.
10. I too belong to a nuclear family.

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