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Speech on Mother Mary in English

Speech on Mother Mary in English Good Morning everyone, today I am presenting a speech on Mother Mary Mother Mary whose name was Maryam. She was born about 2000 years ago.  Mary was a resident of Nazareth, a city in the Galilee region of Palestine.  She belonged to a Jewish family.  Her father's name was Joachim and her mother's name was Saint Anne.  Maryam was very innocent and sincere.  She always wished the Lord to do good to everyone.  Maryam was engaged to Yusuf. ' She was a very pious soul so by blessings of the Lord she was blessed to be a virgin mother.  It was all a miracle and then on 25th December she gave birth to a son who was named Yeshu.  Yeshu was Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was sent to the Earth to serve the poor people.  SUBS Jesus Christ was considered the son of the God of Father.  Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity.  Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was known by the names Mother Mary, Saint Mary, Virgin Mary, Virgin Mother etc. Also read:

10 lines on Doctor in English - Few lines on doctor for class


10 lines on Doctor in English

10 lines on Doctor in English - Few lines on doctor for class 

1. A doctor plays a very essential role in human life.

2. There are many types, of doctors like surgeons, Dentists, cardiologists etc.

3. Doctors treat sick people and also give proper advice related to health. 

4. After treatment, doctors give medicines injections for pepper cure.

5. A lot of dangerous diseases have been totally cured by doctors like Polio, Typhoid, Malaria etc.

6. Doctor's are in the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

7. The stethoscope always hangs in the doctor's neck to check illness.

8. The white coloured coat is a doctor's dress.

9. 1st July is observed as "Doctor's Day" in India

10. The medical profession is the most respected profession in the world.

10 lines on Doctor in English 

1. A doctor is a person who helps to keep human health in healthy condition. 

2. A Doctor holds a very important place in court society.

3. There are different fields of doctors to treat various illnesses of humans, animals as well as plants.

4. Doctors treat their patients in hospitals and clients.

5. There are several diseases only doctors fight against those diseases and treat infected people.

6. Nurse and the compounded help doctors to treat people.

7. Doctors not only treat diseases but also advise patients about diet, health and hygiene.

8. A responsible doctor gives priority to service, not to money.

9. A doctor always wears a smile on his face and behave very softly with his patients.

10. 1st July in India is dedicated to the doctors and their commendable works.


10 lines on Doctor in English - Few lines on doctor for class 

1. Doctor works in a Hospital.

2. He saves Life.

3. He takes care of his patients.

4. He gives Medicines and Injections.

5. He does not shout at his patients.

6. Doctor Smile and speak nicely.

7. A doctor is a dedicated person.

8. Doctor is like a God.

9. Doctors give advice to people for their health.

10. I Want to become a doctor when I grow up.

10 Lines on Village Doctor

1. Village Doctor is an important person in the village.

2. He is a person who gives Medicine to people.

3. He works in a dispensary.

4. He is not an MBBS doctor.

5. He takes care of people.

6. He has a table and a chair in his dispensary.

7. He has a table for patients to sit at.

8. A village Doctor treats poor people free of cost.

9. He wears simple clothes.

10. He earns a handsome income.

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