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Role of Police in Nation Building Essay

Role of Police in Nation Building Essay

Role of Police in Nation Building Essay

"Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the action in the face of fear"

As the army is stationed on the border of the country and protects us from terrorists. Similarly, police play an important role in our society. the police look after the security and law and order within the country. The police must prevent any kind of crime in society.

People can complain to the police at any time against their security or any kind of serious problem. The police are the saviour of society which make the running of society quite smooth. Generally, the police force has sound health.

We can't imagine, the security of the country and the administration of the state without POLICE. The people in the society should follow the law and order well, the police always monitors it. Police often protect the important election centres of the country and the states and the needy.

If there was no police people would have done anything taking the law in their laws. Any person would attack any person and there would be anarchy in the society. The foundation of law order is the policy of the country.

Many times during the processing some people throw stones, from which the police of the country protects. Irrespective of the season or day. The police post is open around the clock.

Police force or service perform the duties assigned them by the law by protecting the public against violence Crime and other harmful acts. The police officers must act by the law, ensuring that it is respected and applied in a manner consistent with their level of responsibility.

Thus, the job of the police is very long and tough Moreover, it also comes with a lot of responsibility as we look up to them for protection. Being the real guardian of the Civil Society of a Nation, they must perform their duty well.

"Police is an Ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage honour and Self- Sacrifice"

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Role of police in nation building essay in English

"The Police are not here to create discarded, they're here to preserve disorder."


Police play a very crucial role in the maintenance of peace and enforcement of law and order in society. The fundamental duty of the police is to serve mankind and safeguard lives and property. 

Police are one of the most ubiquitous organisations of society. the policeman, therefore, happens to be the most visible representative of the government. 

In an hour of need, danger, crisis and difficulty, when a citizen does not know what to do, the police station and policeman happen to be the most appropriate unit and person for him.

Role of Police:

Police is a very important part of our society who uphold and enforce the law impartially and protect life, property. human rights, and dignity of the member of the public.

To internal security, to prevent and control terrorist, activities, breaches to communal harmony, militant activities. It also protects our public properties road, railways, bridges, vital installation and establishment etc. If seen, it is the police who stop the crime trend in our country 

Role of police in Nation Building - 

The police have a very important role in the nation Builderig. The police officials are associated with maintaining the safety, enforcement of the law, defence, safeguard of rights of public, detection and investigation of criminal activities.

Any person can lodge a complaint with the police station at any time against any kind of serious problem or crime.

We cannot make the security system of our country without police, because only through the police, the atmosphere inside any country can be made humble and calm. 


Police are a person who always inspires the people of the society to follow law and order well and follow other rules and regulations. If there were no police inside the country for the security system, then people would not have trust in each other and acts like crime, illegal acts, kidnapping, violence etc.

There is only a police department in which there is no holiday. or any festival, which is continuously ready for our services 24 hours a day so we can say that it is impossible to keep the National Buildings safe without the police. 

Role of police in nation building essay 

The way the army protects us from enemies and terrorists by being deployed on the border, similarly the police also plays an important role in our society. 

The police of any country help in maintaining security, law, and order within that country and also take care of law and order. The police must stop any kind of crime, illegal act, etc. in society. 

Any person can lodge a complaint with the police station at any time against any kind of serious problem or crime. Through which he is immediately taken out of that situation by the police administration. Police are the saviour of society which helps in running the society in an orderly and smooth manner. 

We cannot make the security system of our country without police, because only through the police, the atmosphere inside any country can be made humble and calm.

Police always inspire the people of the society to follow law and order well and follow other rules and regulations At the time of elections, the police guard the important election centres in the districts, inside the country, and in the states so that only the person chosen by the people can move forward. 

If there were no police inside the country for the security system, then people would not have trust in each other and acts like crime, illegal acts, kidnapping, violence, etc. would have been very high. 

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