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Junk Food vs Healthy Food Essay

Shot Junk Food vs Healthy Food Essay Food is the essential part that is needed to carry life and all its processes. Food gives us energy to do all the work and its processes. While food is very important, what is really important cannot be simply Food, it's Healthy Food. Healthy Food is the one that gives the right amount of nutrients to keep ourselves fit and active. e.g. Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Rice, Pulses, eggs, meat, etc. are all Healthy Food. Healthy Food not only gives nutrients but also -Improves our concentration -Helps in digestion Helps us to grow more healthily prevents Aging and also Protects us from any diseases. Junk food lacks the nutrients which are needed for our body to remain fit and active. eg.-Burger, Pizza, Pasta, Wafers, cold drinks, canned foods, etc. are all Junk Food. However, Junk food makes us feel satisfied due to its taste, but it results in many problems in long term, like Obesity which is fattiness in us. Laziness is having a sleepy feeling.

The intelligent investor pdf file free download


The intelligent investor pdf file free download

Click here to download the PDF

The intelligent investor pdf file free download

Details of The intelligent investor

  • Book Name: The intelligent investor
  • Authors: Benjamin Graham
  • Pages: 640
  • Genre: Investing
  • Publish Date: 1949
  • Language: English


The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, so if you are going to read this book I'm warning you this is a big commitment because the book is around 600 pages the book was always never written in 1949 but I read the revised edition which has an added commentary by Jason Zweig now let me give you a brief introduction about Benjamin graham

Benjamin Graham was a very successful investor of his time and also known as the father of internet value investing it was the mentor of Mr Warren Buffett during his college days at Columbia University 

This is something written on the top of the book by far the best book on investing ever written Warren Buffett one of it one of the most successful investors of his time and certainly, one of the richest ones also think that this is the best book ever written on investing 

Also, there is a preface written by him in this book where he gives a brief review about the book and suggests you pay special attention to chapters 8 and 28 now if one of the richest people on this planet is saying you to read this book then you so certainly read it 

There are many important concepts that are discussed in this book but the three most important that I liked or learned I'm going to discuss three with them 

The first one is speculating versus investing is this is discussed in the chapter world here a Mr. benjamin graham suggests that an intelligent investor is the one who upon proper analysis has some principle of safety and its satisfactory returns from his investment and the speculations are one who doesn't follow this means if you don't do the analysis you don't have a principle of safety and if you're not getting satisfactory well then you are just speculating 

The next important principle that I learned from this book is about the margin of safety this is described in chapter 20 and Mr. benjamin graham suggest you always have a margin of safety during your investment for example let's say that you are a construction engineer and you are given a prusik to make a brace of eight tons now considering that you are a good construction engineer you'll make a brace that can take a load up to 10 tons taking some safety because you know that how truck drivers drive in India they will surely overload the truck 

There's no harm in adding two additional truck that can hold so that the brace won't collapse in the case in such cases where the trucks are overloaded in the same way Mr Graham suggests that you should always have a margin of safety in your investment 

If after analysis you think that a stock shouldn't be priced there to piece hundred fairly and squarely there's them there is no harm giving some benefit of the doubt to yourself and bind the stock at rupees 70 or 80 do you have might have said and done some wrong in the calculation so it will be good if you give some say some safety to yourself and take this rupees 20 or 30 difference before buying the investment

The third important concept that is given in this book is from chapter 8 about Mr. market Mr. the market is a fictional character and he is taken as a business partner of yours so every day he comes to your doorsteps and offers you two things first he is ready to sell his stake of the business to you or second he is ready to buy your stake of business but the catch is that Mr Market.

Mr Market is very emotional sometimes he is very happy and very greedy then he comes and he is ready to sell his stake at a very high price and surely is also ready to buy your stock at a very high price and the other time 

He is very sad and depressed and asks you to buy his talk at a very low price or he's ready to buy your stake of share at a very low price now Mr Graham suggests that then the intelligent investor is one who takes advantage of the market that he doesn't get influenced by emotions and always taken take controls of uses emotions and also his best intelligently that is 

He will always buy the stocks when he will sell the stocks when they are high or they're expensive this is the third key concept that in this book and this is certainly applicable in this today's world also you can find a number of overvalued and under well it's talking today's time and you certainly need to buy low and sell high this is the concept of Mr. market 

so these are the three important concepts that I learned from this book first was investing versus speculation second was the margin of safety and third was Mr. market overall this is a definite book to read and I will definitely suggest you read this book myself as which I read this book two times and I think I'll be reading this say two third time also because there are many concepts that I am still missing.

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