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Essay On World Ozone Day

Essay On World Ozone Day

Essay On World Ozone Day 

World Ozone Day 2021 World Ozone day is celebrated on 16th September every year. In 1994. September 16th was designated as 'World Ozone Day' by the united nations General Assembly. Since then, 16th September is celebrated as World Ozone day each year. 

"The environment is protecting sheet to us from god

If we destroy it, it will uncover us".

Ozone is the Important layer present in the atmosphere. The Ozone layer is in the Atmosphere. Its formula is O3 which means tri oxygen. It is not only a molecule having a pungent smell, it is the protective layer around the earth. 

The ozone layer protects the earth from ultraviolet rays, which are very hazardous for the earth. Ozone is therefore a very protective layer of earth. The Ozone layer's Shelter is a variable degree less thick close to the outside of the earth contrasted with the fullness of 30km. 

The Only purpose of celebrating Ozone day that we all understand the Importance Ozone layer and we all come forward in protecting the ozone layer. On ozone day, we should try that bring more and more people to the program of ozone day so that they also understand the importance of the ozone layer.

Today we have time to recover, but if today does not work to save the Ozone layer, then in the future we coming generations may hay have to face a lot of damage. So on the Occasion of Ozone Day, programs are also organised by the government so that and more people can be explained about the importance of Ozone layer Because pollution spread by a human.

All the people of the world must collectively take the promise and adopt all the measures in order to hazardous and dangerous gases. 

"Earth without ozone is like a house without a roof"

Short Essay On World Ozone Day 

World Ozone Day is celebrated on 16th September every year. In 1994, 16th September was designated on World Ozone Day by United Nations General Assembly. World Ozone Day marks the importance of the Ozone layer and its role in the environment. 

Life on earth would not be possible without sunlight. The stratospheric layer shields Earth from most of the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ozone is a trioxygen inorganic molecule having pale blue colour and a pungent smell. It is not only a molecule having a pungent smell. 

It is the protective layer around the earth, the layer which protects the earth from different dangerous gases. The ozone layer protects the earth from ultraviolet rays, which are very dangerous for the earth. The ozone layer is a layer of ozone high up in the Earth's atmosphere stratosphere, between approximately 20 km to 50 km above Earth's surface. 

Bad ozone harms animals, plants and human beings. Different programs are also conducted in schools, colleges, they can learn the use of ozone protective techniques. All the people of the world must take the promise of all the measures in order to reduce the ozone layer from depleting and protect the earth. 

Speech on  World Ozone Day 

Good Morning everyone, today I'm here to share a speech on world ozone day, The ozone layer or the ozone shape in the region of the earth's stratosphere that absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation or the UV waves it is highly concentrated by the ozone molecules it is present in the stratosphere's lower portion and is 15 to 35 kilometres above the earth the ozone layer was discovered in 1913 by Charles Fabry and henry vision 

The united nations general assembly designated September 16 as the international day of preservation of the ozone layer this day celebrated to spread awareness about ozone depletion is caused by the CFCs, HCFCs and aerosols and such gases which have ozone depletion potentials (O.D.P)

If the harmful UV rays pass through the ocean layer and enter the earth it will cause problems like skin cancers sunburns permanent blindness and cataracts as well as they will harm the plants and animals ozone layers can be saved by minimizing the use of cars and products which release CFCs, HCFCs and aerosols like AC and Refrigerators when there is a malfunction in AC's and refrigerators they'll release more CFCs, HCFCs so we should repair races and refrigerators in case of any malfunction.

Shaving creams bathroom cleaners hair frays spray paints and all the other kinds of spray contain aerosols so we should reduce their use we should plant more and more trees to save our mother nature.

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