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Essay On Innovative Ideas for Zero Plastic Waste


Essay On Innovative Ideas for Zero Plastic Waste 

The use of plastic is deeply embedded in our daily lives in everything from grocery bags and cutlery to water bottles and sandwich wrap, Plastic has become one of the most used substances, people are using it endlessly just for their comfort but we need to become aware of the consequences so that we can stop plastic pollution.

Many schools produce a large amount of plastic waste but you can change that by getting your school on board and educating them about the effects of plastic pollution. kids should be taught from their childhood to avoid using plastic, similarly, adults must check each other on the same.

In addition, the government must take stringent measures to stop plastic pollution before it gets too late, we can make a huge difference, if we see, then most schools choose to start small and get easy wins as a way to build support, have a look at our case. 

Studies on reducing and eliminating plastic waste at school to get the rest of school by putting up posters or using our assets in newsletters to raise awareness and share solutions.

We should form an environment committee in our school which will make the children aware of the environment and for zero waste plastic. Craft and classroom activities are big ideas to start such models should be prepared at the school level which is plastic-free.

It is our responsibility towards our natural plants and all living creature to eliminate single-use plastic or zero waste plastic to enable them to be happy and prosperous...

"Plastic is treating the life of humans, 
as well as the environment of the earth"

Innovative ideas for zero plastic waste school events essay

In the last decade, plastic has affected the health and life of human beings very badly, plastic pollution is caused by the accumulation of a large amount of plastic waste in the environment, 

Plastic is non-biodegradable material it does not decompose in water or soil and its effects becomes even more harmful when burned, plastic pollution is caused by plastic waste in today's time it also has many negative effects on our beautiful planet.

"Boycott plastic... aware public, 
shopkeepers not to sell 
Don't blame others but...
change yourself..."

Today it is very important to prevent this dangerous pollution, many schools produce a large number of plastic waste but we change this getting some idea, we can get rid of this pollution by adopting some innovative ideas in school events

First of all, we should form an environment committee in the school which will make the children aware of the environment also zero plastic waste can inspire everyone by creating different posters pictures and other charts.

Another simple innovation idea is holding plastic-free products in school like lunch boxes, pencil boxes etc, every child should reduce the use of plastic gradually and soon it will be destroyed, bamboo straw should be used instead of plastic straw which is used in school.

There are many opportunities to go plastic-free within the school, crafts and classroom activities are a big idea to start such models should be prepared at the school level which is plastic-free with all these innovative ideas 

We can eradicate plastic because it is said that the future is prepared in the school itself if the habits of plastics free is inculcated in children from the very beginning then I can say with complete confidence that our future will be plastic-free.

Essay on Single-Use Plastic 

"Using plastic is very much drastic, Avoiding it makes you fantastic."


Millions of tons of single-use plastics are produced every year in our country India, most of which cannot be recycled. Once it is used, it is thrown in the garbage. It is extremely harmful to the life of animals, plants and humans. That is why it has been continuously banned by the Government of India as well. 

What is single-use plastic- 

In common language, we call single-use plastic disposable plastic. All the plastic products which we cannot use again after using them once are called single-use plastics The main basis of such products is petroleum. 

They are made at very low cost, hence it has become the most widely used product today. Although it does not cost much to buy and use it, after throwing it, a lot of money is spent on its waste, cleaning and destroying it and in this process, there is a lot of damage to the ecology.

Examples of single-use plastic- 

Single-use plastics include plastic bags, polythene, straws, plastic glasses, plastic soda and water bottles, plastic cups, plates, disposable products and food packaging items. All of these are used only once and are then thrown away as waste for recycling

 Harmful effects of single-use plastic- 

Single-use plastics are not biodegradable and usually go under the ground where it gets buried or it goes into the water and after a few days it goes into the sea through rivers and streams. Plastics break down into smaller particles by entering soil and water bodies, but they do not decompose. 

  • Single-use plastics live in soil and water for more than a hundred years and release toxic chemicals thus harming our beautiful planet and environment.
  • The use of single-use plastic is very harmful to humans, animals and sea creatures. 

  • In water aquatic animals consume plastic particles along with their food. Plastic cannot be digested and thus gets stuck in their gut and causes serious health problems.

  •  It's very often, animals eat plastic bags along with food items from the waste, which leads to their death. Plastic bags that enter water bodies are a major cause of water pollution and also badly affect the quality level of groundwater. 

  • Production of plastic bags releases toxins that can cause serious illness in those involved in its production. When single-use plastic is destroyed by burning, it becomes a major cause of environmental pollution. A polluted environment is a major cause of various diseases in humans. 

Elimination of single-use plastic- 

The act or feeling of separating or removing something from ourselves is called elimination. Elimination of single-use plastic is very important for human life as well as for the benefit of all living beings.

Although the Government of India has been continuously banning the use and sale of plastic, how will it be possible to eliminate it until we stop using it ourselves? Looking at the harmful effects of plastic, we should immediately throw it out of our lives. We can use cloth bags instead of plastic bags for carrying goods. The use of paper disposals will save the environment from harm.


Our environment is the main basis of our life. If we can't do anything better for it, then at least we should not waste it. To protect our environment and the animals living in it,

we should completely eliminate single-use plastic so that we and our environmental friends can breathe in a happy environment. Our government has also set a target to make India free from plastic by 2022. Together we all should give our participation in this initiative of the government. 

"Avoid plastic because Plastic will kill, but jute and paper will thrill." 



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