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A Future without Plastic Waste through Sustainability and Circularity Essay

A Future without Plastic Waste through Sustainability and Circularity Essay

A Future without Plastic Waste through Sustainability and Circularity Essay 

The use of plastic is deeply embedded in our daily lives, in everything from grocery bags and cutlery to water bottles and sandwich wrap, but the question for convenience has gone too far and we are failing to use plastics efficiently, wasting valuable resources and harming the environment. 

A product made from organic fuel and chemical reaction, which was dominated in the market many years ago as a cheap, durable and good material for use. Today the same plastic has become a problem for the world because as easy as it is easy to make and use it is many times more difficult to get rid of the waste generated from it.

Usually, the municipal corporation either dumps this waste in the landfill or destroy it by burning it. The slowly decomposing waste in landfills produces a dangerous greenhouse gas like methane, so imagine hours dangerous the leak would be if the waste was burned directly.

If we talk about recycling, then many types of resources are also used in ding that harms nature, In such a situation, along with waste management, it is also important that we focus on the minimum use of plastic. Plastic never ends from microplastic and harms our generations after generation, before this loss becomes fatal, we must insist on becoming plastic-free as soon as possible. 

The first step in reducing plastics waste is to minimize single-use plastic by supporting a tax on plastic bags, restraint on the manufacturing of plastic.

Reusing plastic can reduce the demand for new plastics hence it can act as the natural restrain on plastic manufacturing. plastic recycling is the process of recovering waste or scrap plastic and reprocessing it into useful products.

Today we have to save our earth by recycling the useless stuff and today we have time for it, If any other material is used in place of plastic then plastic is possible because day by day plastic is hollowing out our environment and one day it will become a big threat to human existence.

"The world is changed by your example

not by your opinion"

A Future without Plastic Waste through Sustainability and Circularity Essay 

" We can bring the change in nature Drastic
If we do minizine the use of plastic"

Plastic is everywhere nowadays, people are using it endlessly just for their comfort, however, no one realises how it is forming our planet, we need to become aware of consequences so that we can stop plastic pollution. Plastic has become one of the most used substances, it is seen everywhere these days, from supermarkets to common households.

"Plastic gives a helping hand, but 
they are polluting our land"

We can see the plastic spread everywhere it is some main reasons, firstly, the plastic is very cheap it costs lesser than other alternatives like paper and cloth, secondly, It is very easy to use. Plastic can be used for almost anything either liquid or solid Moreover, it comes in different forms which we can easily mould. 

Furthermore, we see that plastic is non-biodegradable material it does not leave the face of the earth like the air we cannot dissolve plastic in land or water, it remains forever. Plastic pollution is affecting the whole earth including man, animals, aquatic life. It is spreading like a disease that has no cure. 

To fight plastic pollution, as single methods will never work, all parties need to work in harmony to find the working solution. The first and the most important step towards beating plastic pollution is to avoid the usage of plastic products. we can certainly avoid using those plastic products that can easily be replaced with eco-friendly alternatives, for instance instead of using plastic bags.

We can easily opt for a jute cloth or paper bag. When we had for shopping instead of using disposable plastic cutlery and utensils during parties we can use those made of steel, paper, thermocouple or any other material which is reusable or easy to dispose of. 

It is time for us to stand united to fight this evil called plastic pollution, If every person takes a pledge that he will not use plastic then I can say with complete confidence that the spread of plastic will never be excessive in the world and the plastic monster will end here.

A Future without Plastic Waste through Sustainability and Circularity Essay 

Plastics pollution is serious. Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects in the earth's environment which affect the whole earth, including mankind, wildlife, and aquatic life. 

It is normal to see plastic bags everywhere, these bags are available in many sizes and are handy for shopping, they are light and cheap, this is the reason why plastic items are commonly used.

However, the price we are paying for using these plastic bags are ignored. yes, the plastic bags that we use daily in our daily work with so much fervour are very dangerous for the environment.

Plastic that is obtained from fossil fuels such as oil and petroleum, it is widely used for making plastic bags, kitchen items, furniture doors, packing items and many other things.

The increasing use of plastics are increasing the amount of waste generated by plastics, making it harder to dispose of, as plastic is a non-biodegradable material, it breaks into many pieces as gets spilt but is not found in the soil, due to which it remains in the environment for hundreds of years and spreads pollution, 

If it is buried in land-files, then there is a possibility of leaking pollution to the land and water, plastic can not be destroyed by burning because its combustion produces many toxic gases, which can cause many serious diseases, this is why the use of these bags has been banned by many countries, many countries have substituted plastic bags for paper bags and reusable cloth bags.

Would you think life without plastic can be lived? what would our future be without plastic?

Definitely, our future without plastic will be different. For example- our ocean would be cleaner, there would probably be 1 million more sea birds, 100,000 more sea mammals and tonnes more fish alive in the oceans each year, not to mention a lot less rubbish in 1000 years time.

Perhaps the price of our petrol would be lower, as apparently, the amount of petroleum used to create 14 plastic bags is enough to drive a car one mile. 

If it were not in demand for creating plastic bags, perhaps we would save a little money when we visit the local petrol pump, beaches would be cleaner, eco-systems healthier, landfills sites significantly smaller, state species of animal would be safe and the government would save money on clearing rubbish from that streets if we didn't use plastic bags. 

The positive things without plastics are infinite, what's really good is that making an impact and this isn't hard. All we need to do is when we go shopping, we must take reusable bags and refuse to take plastic bags from shops, the government also put a plastic ban on the use of plastic 

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