Essay on importance of advertising

Essay on importance of advertising

Essay on importance of advertising


Advertising, by the definition, is paid form of nonpersonal communication to promote goods and services. It simplifies the choice of consumers by creating awareness among people about several brands and awareness among people about several brands and products available in the market. 

Advertisements are essential for starting a new business promoting sales is the main motivation of a large enterprise, advertisements rule every aspect of our lives and provide a link between an individual and the world. As advertisements help in business expansion, the companies spend crores or millions on them.

Advertisements are contained in various means of communication such as magazines, newspapers, television, radio, billboard, etc. Attractive pictures, Slogans, taglines, etc. Shown in the advertisements lure customers, thereby pushing up sales.

Advertisements are popularized by the government for the betterment of the society in the field of education, providing, better, facilities, housing facilities for the poor medical facilities like polio drop and other vaccines, etc.

To understand the main purpose of advertising is to communicate messages or information to the customers. But while communicating such message or information it also serves beneficial for the sponsor or advertiser. Let us look into the various objectives of advertising. 

i. To educate customers — Can you remember the advertisement for Tata Namak on television? In this advertisement, it is said that Tata Namak is good for health as it contains Iodine. This message educates you that iodine is good for health and Tata Namak contains iodine. 

ii. To create demand for the new product — You read in the newspaper that a new type of pen called 'Gel pen' is introduced in the market, which is very economical and convenient in writing. 

This motivates you to buy the egg. said pen. Similarly, many students like you shall also buy gel pens after coming to know about it through advertisement. This will create a demand for the new product launched in the market. 

iii. To retain existing customers — You might remember that Nirma washing powder was a very popular detergent. But, after Wheel powder came to the market the sale of Nirma suddenly decreased. Then the manufacturers of Nirma improved the product and advertise the same in different media. 

After knowing this the persons who were earlier using Nirma did not switch over to Wheel and continued using Nirma. In this manner, Nirma sustained its existing demand. Thus, advertising helps the manufacturers not only to create a demand for a new product but also to retain the existing customers. 

iv. To increase sales — We have learned that advertising creates demands for new products and sustains the demand for old ones. Thus, with an increase in demand, the sale of the product also increases. 

v. To assist salesman — In most of the advertisements the salient features of a product, its qualities, and its uses are expressed in detail. This assists a salesman to sell the product quickly without spending time explaining and convening the customer. 

Advertising is the heart of trade. To survive in the competitive market of today, every product has to be advertised. There is a huge impact of these ads on the people, which is both positive, as well as negative. This essay shall analyse these effects on the common man, and suggest ways to protect people from the negative effects of adverts. 

There are many ways in which these ads are helpful. First, ads tell us about the new products that are launched in the market. They also tell us about the working of these products. After seeing the ads, consumers can go to the market and select things of their choice. What is more, the advertising industry 
provides jobs to many. 

Many models and other people make a living through this industry. Ads also touch on social issues. For example, there are ads which aware people that they can stand up against domestic violence and female foeticide. 

We also have ads, which warn people about the harmful effects of smoking. Another big positive influence of the ads of today is the entertainment they provide. They are made so hilarious that you feel like watching them again and again. 

On the other hand, advertisements promote consumerism. These ads can cause people to be dissatisfied with what they already have and make them want more. Not all parents are in the position to afford the goods, which the children see advertised and want to possess. 

This often leads to feelings of inadequacy among them. In addition to this, this materialism leads to workaholism. People are prepared to work long hours, or even turn to crime to get these goods. 

Finally, ads can be very irksome at times. This is especially true of internet ads. The increasing number of advertisements and the never-ending list of ad networks are making the Internet users' experience worse than ever. 

The ads which have audio are very troubling and some ads are flash-based. Telephone ads are also very irritating. When you are driving or in an important meeting, the bell rings and disturbs everyone. The solutions are not simple, as advertising is a very persuasive medium. 

It would be unwise to ban ads, as this would cause more problems than it would solve. However, advertisements, which make false claims, should be banned. 

Advertisements for liquor and those ads, which show stunts, should also be banned. Then there should be consumer awareness programs. Consumers should be warned against too much consumerism. Our celebs have a big role in selecting what products they should endorse. People, who follow these celebs would buy anything they say even without needing it. 

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Today we are influenced a lot by adverts, both in positive and negative ways, without adverts, we would lose a valuable source of revenue, which is used for the benefit of the majority. However, many steps can be taken to mitigate the negative influence of ads.