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Palace of illusions pdf Download | summary Book Review

Palace of illusions pdf

Click here to download the PDF

Palace of illusions pdf Download | summary Book Review

Details of Raavan Palace of illusions book

  • Book Name: Palace of illusions
  • Authors: Chitra Banarjee
  • Pages: 384
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2008
  • Language: English

Palace of illusions is basically a Mahabharata retelling from the point of view of Draupadi, now just this premise itself had gotten me really excited about this book because honestly, Draupadi is one of the most fascinating characters in the Mahabharata 

To look at all the events of the Mahabharata from her point of view was something that I found very intriguing and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed at all because I really really loved this book


The first thing I liked the most about this book was the characters now the way each and every character in this book has been portrayed was just so amazing how this is very similar to Jaya because in Jaya also I felt that David Patnaik didn't really like make any one person to be a hero and any one person to be a villain like 

He gave both the Pandavas and the koravas their good points and bad points and he did highlight each of their flaws and that's exactly what Chitra Banarjee has done in the palace of illusions 

Each character that she is portrayed in this book is not black or white but they all have a kind of grey morality and because of this she's highlighted their flaws and shortcomings also this entire portrayal of the Mahabharata feels very realistic and also very relatable especially when it comes to our main character Draupadi or as she likes to call herself Panchali 

Now everyone knows that Draupadi was this really feisty very vengeful kind of character but that's not the only Draupadi that we see in this book 

we see her other sides as well we see the pain that she feels we see her sensitive side and we also see the side where she's just a woman who craves love so it's just really fantastic because you also go through the roller coaster of emotions that Draupadi feels in this book and I feel that Chitra Banerjee has done an amazing job in making us feel what these characters feel

The second thing that I really liked about this book was the narrative now the Mahabharata is huge like we know that it's a huge epic so the way Chitra Banerjee has condensed all the events of the Mahabharata into this one book.

I felt was just absolutely amazing almost every major event of the Mahabharata takes place in the palace of illusions but of course, the unique take is that we get to see it from Draupadi point of view and because Draupadi is like this strong feisty vengeful kind of woman 

She questions a lot of things that happen in the Mahabharata and because of that I feel we get to see a very fresh take on all the events that happen in the Mahabharata and that makes it extremely relatable

Because again we are not seeing these events as black and white like we're not seeing them through the lens of righteous Hindu mythology we're seeing them through the lens of a very strong opinionated slightly flawed character and that's what makes it so interesting to read 

The third thing that I really loved about this book was the writing style Chitra Banerjee's writing style is so so beautiful and honestly, it's very simply written like she is descriptive but she describes it in a very simple way so that even beginners can really enjoy this book 

like she really captures emotions and describes events in a very very simple and clear way I loved reading about Draupadi's views of all her five husbands and also how she's explored their strengths and weaknesses 

I also love the way she's described all the major events that took place in the battle like in the final war and I felt that especially the way she's brought about the deaths that take place on the battlefield 

the way she's written them and described them was just so heartbreaking and just so beautifully written that it really moved me and some of those deaths did bring tears in my eyes it was just very very beautifully written.

Now there are three things that I didn't really like in this book, those are:

The first thing that I really didn't enjoy in this book was the Draupadi and Karn love angle, to me the way this entire love angle had been written it felt almost like a high school romance like you know that that one probably boy in high school who you have a crush on and you're trying to like get his attention you're trying to be all like

You know you're trying to impress him you're trying to um make sure that he looks at you you know that like kind of puppy love high school crush kind of love that's the kind of love that I felt was between Draupadi and Karn or at least 

That is the way Chitra Banerjee has described it in the book and I found that to be extremely immature especially because like throughout this book basically she grows up to be like a full woman and for her to be a full-grown woman and still have these kinds of immature high school crush kind of thoughts for a man who she doesn't even know 

like the only thing that attracts her to khan during her swimwear was his eyes or at least that's the only thing that's written in the book that she found that his eyes have a lot of wisdom or something like that and she's like intrigued by him and attracted to him

But that's about it like throughout the book she knows nothing about who he is what are his passions what he likes doesn't like she's built this notion in her head of who current really is and because of that she has this puppy crush on him throughout the book 

which makes no sense to me it was just like it was just unnecessary and didn't add any value to the book so I have no idea why it was even in there it was just like I've said extremely unnecessary. 

the second thing that I didn't like was the Kunti versus Draupadi angle like again I found it very very unnecessary like did we really need to have a sas bahu drama in this book like was it really necessary

Both Kunti and Drawpati are such strong-willed women that I wish that we didn't have to pit them against each other their characters go through so much and they grow so much 

So the thing that I didn't really like is that there was no resolution as to whether these characters grew to actually love each other or like you know like they grew to admire each other like there was always that animosity between them right till the end and again for me that was unnecessary 

The third thing that kind of left me disappointed was that we didn't really get any insight into why Kunti wanted Draupadi to marry all her sons in this book kunti like she demands all her sons to marry Draupadi like she acts like she actually orders it 

she orders all her sons to marry roberti and I'm just like why did she do that and there's absolutely no insight given as to why she would do that like we never see a conversation between Draupadi and Kunti where it's just like Draupadi asking her why did you do it and Kunti answering why she took this step "I don't know"

I wish there was more insight into why Kunti took this step, but unfortunately, we don't really get a clear answer.

overall I feel palace of illusions is such a beautifully crafted book it is so nuanced and it really truly gives us a very fresh take on the Mahabharata

If you like Hindu mythology if you like mythology in general, you will really love this book so I highly recommend it to you guys.

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