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Think like a monk review | book review, summery, pdf

Think like a monk review |

 Think like a monk review

Details of Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty Book

  • Book Name: Think Like a Monk
  • Authors: Jay Shetty
  • Pages: 319
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: Sep 8, 2020
  • Language: English

Think like a monk is one of the most lucrative reason book written by one of the world-famous social media influencers, former monks, podcast launchers on relationships, wellness, mental health, and purpose, and motivational speaker Jay Shetty.

Think Like a Monk summary and review:


The publication explains his life as a monk and the way it transforms his lifetime.

It has dived deep into some of the most customary topics which most of us need to know and comprehend.

This publication explains deeply about meditation, purpose, and also how to take care of fears, self-love, and negative emotions.

This book explains all of the methods of controlling the brain and changing life.

In Think Like a monk, he's combined his three decades of experience as a monk and historical doctrine to describe how to deal with cynical thoughts and emotions.

The best aspect of the publication is that it gives a task or clinic exercise so that we all can inculcate what we are studying in this book.

Believe as a monk is written with fun and practicality. He's clarified his college life and the way he became a monk and all the learning from it in this publication.

This book has explained pleasure and pain and the way that it pushes our life. Believe as a monk is split into 3 parts- let go, develop, and give.


In this novel, Jay Shetty has clarified how one ought to let go of anger, resentment, self-love, anxiety, intention, and also anything that brings negativity to you.

He explains how important it is for everyone to let go of those negative emotions for climbing and bring harmony and calm in one's life.

The more we all hold these emotions, the more we waste our time on unimportant things which destroy our life.

The very best thing about Think as a monk book is that in the end of every chapter, there is a powerful practice given so that everybody can practice it and may continue to keep the habit alive after reading the book.

I loved the approach of the way he's explained every single universal topic with great motivational examples.


In Think Like a monk, jay Shetty explains to grow through what you go through. He's given artistic illustrations from his personal life, monk expertise, and ancient philosophy to explain how everything happens for a few good reasons.

Every unfortunate thing occurs to bring maturity and growth in us.

He explains not to run away from pain, rather think about this as a workout that will provide you great joy in the long run.

Every pain is well worth bearing as it gives extreme pleasure and happiness at the end.

In this book, he describes step by step how to eliminate toxicity and negative emotions to cultivate love and peace.

He has explained purpose, mindset, and ego in detail.

Again, in the end, a gorgeous exercise is given to the clinic, and change ourselves.


I love especially this portion of this book as it was different from the other self-help content. This component explains how our lifestyle is pushed by some purpose and our ultimate goal should be to return to society in various forms such as -

  • Volunteer to Assist Children
  • Taking good care of nature.
  • Providing shelter and food.
  • Helping individuals who are in pain and suffering.

Giving back to society is the sole purpose of each person, even the tiniest of gestures like sharing knowledge for free, cleaning society crap, or helping in a community project is some of the methods to give back to society.

When you give something you will feel empowered and satisfied in life.

Jay Shetty has also given the enormous significance of gratitude in once life and how it affects our lifestyle towards prosperity.

If you're a Jay Shetty fan or enthusiast, then you know how much wisdom and awareness he's on connections, within this publication also he has shared his experience of choosing the ideal connection and how to improve in it.

In"Think as a monk", Jay Shetty has shared his experience and learning that he's learned more than three years now practicing monk.

He's also shared various secret life-enriching secrets that he learned from other monks and his gurus.

The book Is Really enriching and may be among the most valuable self books to read in 2020


  • A salutary guide and self-help book.
  • Exercises are awarded to the clinic.
  • The book is simple and has clarified subjects in detail.
  • Beautiful provoking examples are given which is so influential.
  • Described about meditation, discipline, and monk life.
  • Additionally, references are given at the end for deep diving into any material.

  • The book has 50 percent of the exact same self-help content.
  • The publication is about 400 pages, quite lengthy.
  • Some of his vlog articles is contained in his book, which may bore you in the event that you have seen his movies.

Who needs to read this book:

  • Everybody is a lover of a self-help book or motivational book.
  • If you would like to understand the objective of your own life.
  • Want to transform your life and enhance the quality of living.
  • If you're a beginner in the self-help genre, you have to read this book.
  • If you would like to decrease anxiety, identify the function, create good customs, and learn mind control you need to read this novel.

The book explains a lot of things by pointing out that the monk's mind is a requisite and integral part of life.

Finally, I would say this is a fantastic book to learn how to facilitate your life by taking the charge of your life in mind. All the exercises provided in this book may make a person habitual and inculcate it for a lifetime.

What exactly are you waiting for order your copy of"Believe like a monk" by Jay Shetty and find happiness, calmness, and yourself

Grab the book and join the travel of a monk, also shared with the important takeaway from this publication in the comment below.


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