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The 5 am club summary | pdf download

The 5 am club summary

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The 5 am club summary

Details of The 5 am club book

  • Book Name: The 5 am club 
  • Authors: Robin Sharma
  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: 4 December 2018
  • Language: English


While you are sleeping world-class leaders spend their early morning time to improve their health mind and spiritual level, these famous people include Dwayne johnson, Barack Obama, steve jobs, and Akshay Kumar but what is it that these successful people do, let's stick in the purpose of the 5 am club book and the takeaways this book has to offer 

I will discuss four principles of this book that I found to be essential in the form of a story this story consists of a unique group of people a depressed entrepreneur a frustrated artist trying to refuel his creativity and a billionaire.

These three people met at a conference where the legendary business guru the spellbinder was speaking after the speech the billionaire approached the entrepreneur and the artist but they didn't know that he was so rich because he was wearing normal middle-class loads to remind himself that money is not everything 

The only clue to his real wealth was the expensive watch he told them that the most reliable way to produce the best results in your personal and professional life is to adopt a productive morning routine

The billionaire made them an incredible offer to go to his beach house in Mauritius where he could teach them the secrets of a successful person but all they had to do was to meet the next morning at 5 00 a.m.


The next day the entrepreneur and the artists were not so interested until a Rolls-Royce came to pick them up the car took them to a private jet waiting for them with a logo 5 ac which meant the 5 am club. 

The next morning the billionaire told them about four essential points of the 5 am club, 

The first point was the four interior empires To be truly happy we need to focus on four important things and distribute our times accordingly these include mindset, heart set, health set, and soul set.

Today most of the motivational speakers talk about mindset which can only give us 25 % happiness apart from this we have to improve our heart set also.

Heart set includes emotional well-being if only our mindset is good we still cannot make better decisions because our emotional relationships won't be good.

Our health set is also very important because nothing else matters if our health is not good, if you want to make a legacy we have to live healthy for many years

One time the billionaire jokingly pointed out that you cannot create a good business if you are dead along with this one last pillar is the soul set.

Nowadays we are so busy in our lives and running after materialistic things instead we should do meditation and silently focus on ourselves, we should not forget who we are and where we come from this time should only be dedicated to increasing our spiritual levels 

The second point was the 20-20-20 formula just waking up at 5 am won't do it you could write at 5 a.m and spend an hour browsing social media and checking messages but that won't optimize your day.

The 20-20-20 formula means that for the first hour of every morning you use 20 minutes to move 20 minutes to reflect and 20 minutes to grow

The first 20 minutes is used for movement or to perform a vigorous exercise it's really important to sweat because sweat gets rid of the fear hormone.

It helps to think faster the next 20 minutes should be used to reflect this time period should be spent very peacefully think about your visions dreams and inspiration write down everything such as to-do list your feelings in a journal this will help clear out your mind and what to focus on.

The last 20 minutes is used for growth you can read books learn something new watch inspiring videos documentaries read autobiographies or even learn psychology, doing this will definitely make you a part of the 5am club.

The third point is the habit installation protocol the billionaire says that to turn any task into a habit it takes around 66 days which is nine weeks it has three phases that need to be followed thoroughly.

The first phase is the destruction phase which is of three weeks this is the most difficult phase in this phase you need to remove your old habit and try to deduce the new one you will require your willpower and stay motivated during this time.

The second phase is the installation phase which is again three weeks in this phase you will feel frustrated and think if this habit is even useful but you need to stay focused and continue your protocol.

The third phase is the integration phase of three weeks in this you will feel that everything is becoming easy for you, you will not require your willpower to do that task anymore you will simply do it because it has become your habit.

The last point was sleep according to the billionaire the last hour of your day is just as important as the first hour most people don't get good sleep these days because of technology our devices emit a blue light which reduces a chemical that induces sleep.

Therefore you should turn off your devices by 8 pm and do something relaxing such as taking a hot bath reading a book or even spending time with family 

You should also sleep by 10 pm to wake up at 5 a.m the next day so this was the summary of the 5 am club which tells you to own your morning and elevate your life.

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