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Room novel review | summary pdf download

Room novel review

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Room novel review

Details of room novel

  • Book Name: room
  • Authors: EMMA DONOGHUE
  • Pages: 288
  • Genre: NOVEL
  • Publish Date: AUGUST 6, 2010
  • Language: English

Room by Emma Donoghue, I've read this book just recently but I know about it for nearly three years after watching the movie based on it which Jacob Tremblay and brie Larson won an Oscar for their role in the movie.

I delayed the read in the book since I've already watched the movie I thought it would be very hard to read it while I basically know all of what happened already 

But guess what I liked the despite that and I believe I would have liked it even more if I didn't know what happened in it. so if you have neither watched the movie nor read the book then this might be your chance groom follows


The story of the five-year-old Jack who lives with only his mother in a room that contains a small kitchen a basic bathroom, a wardrobe a bad and a TV set and that room is the only thing that Jack has ever known.

He never went out of it for his entire life so he believes that he and his mom and that room are the only things in the world that are real and everything he sees on TV does not actually exist.

His mother is the one who tried to empower that belief in his mind rather than telling him that you know there is a whole big world out there full of things that he's missing.

so she provides him with whatever he needs as long as they've captured in that room also the only person he could see occasionally beside his mom his old Nick who brings them food and things they need and spend some nights in the room with his mom 

Jack does not know who he really is or whether he's a human or robot but as a reader, you will understand that he's the one who's capturing the mother and her son and you will guess what are the bad things that usually does when he's in the room told from the description of the innocent young Jack.

This is all that their life is like for five years for Jack and seven years for his mom until she finally decides to make a plan to escape from the room and that plan depends on the bravery of her son.


If you read the book you will know how that is capable end up and what's going to happen after that this book can be divided into two parts the first one revolves around the daily life of the mother and her son and the relationship between them how they survive and what's their daily routine.

You'll know what it feels like to be stuck in a small room and not see the outside world for years looking at the perspective of the mother but you'll also see how Jack was totally happy and satisfied with that same situation just because he was born there and has never seen or experienced anything in the world.

So from his perspective, that's life itself and there is nothing much to complain about it shows how we as humans will make ourselves comfortable with whatever environment we will find ourselves in we will survive and live with what we have in that environment.

This explains the difference between the feelings of the mother and her son why she was trying desperately to escape and go back to her normal life Jack could not really see the reason for that and he didn't mind staying in a room at all.

In the second part of the book, however, we get to see the experience of Jack discovering what the outside the real world is like you will discover that no matter how fancy and beautiful some things can seem it will always be hard to be comfortable with them if they're not familiar.

we can understand this just by looking at someone who is moving from a place he was raised into a new one, so imagine living your entire life in a small room and then suddenly you get exposed to a large world full of things and people and sound  

that is not as easy as it seems and the book cleared that out perfectly and this does no a fact jack only even his mother was used to the world she lived in for several years and it took her some time to be used to her normal lifestyle again 

the idea of this book was like nothing I've ever seen before it was so interesting to read such a story since I always like to know what it feels like to live in circumstances that we're not familiar with to feel for these people who have to go through them

This book made me think a lot while reading it imagining myself in that position it also made me so sad at some moments and angry at some point it's just another mixture of feelings 

you will feel happy as well for some of the plot twists in the book you will feel sympathy for Jack and his mother and I should not forget to mention the turning points in the story that kept me on my nerves 

It's one of the most suspenseful moments in my reading history the mother is one of the best characters I've ever read about in a while if you want to read something about a strong woman and the great mother read room and you'll be impressed by how brave and powerful this woman is despite all of what she has been through,

she always made sure to give love to her son she survived for him and made sure to do her best so he can live as happily as possible to a point that can make you chair up.

Jack, on the other hand, is about the loveliest the cute, and the most innocent child you would ever read about the story, by the way, was written in the first person from his perspective 

so the way he described things how he thinks and how he feels about his mother and about everything around him kept me smiling throughout the whole story it was about the most heartwarming thing ever.


Emma Donoghue is another author that I really respect now after I read this book her style was amazing and the way she wrote the story especially from a five-year-old point of view that was really brilliant and I congratulate her I don't believe anyone can make that story as enjoyable and touching as she did that was really a good job 

she also wrote the movie which explains why I loved it as well even though that also can be due to the fact that I watched the movie before reading the book

but still according to those who read the book first the movie was really well made and was so accurate I could deliver the message of the book and of course it couldn't cover it all 

Especially that the book is more about Jack's thoughts and point of view but even then the movie was successful as a movie should be it absolutely deserves the awards and the hype about it for me both the book and the movie deserve high ratings they got.

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