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Essay on consumer rights and consumer responsibilities

Essay on  consumer rights and  consumer responsibilities

Essay on  
consumer rights and  consumer responsibilities 

We're aware that customers face various problems on account of competition from the marketplace misleading advertisements availability of inferior quality of products and services to name a few, hence under the Consumer Protection Act 1986 Government of India has provided certain rights to safeguard consumers interest.

Understand these rights of consumer

  • right to safety

A consumer has a right to be protected against products and services which are injurious to life and health for example a consumer must assess a gas cylinder for leakage at the time of purchase, if the cylinder begins leaking afterwards resulting in fire and injury or death to anyone then the supplier is liable to pay compensation.

  • right to be informed

A consumer has a right to be informed about the components quantity quality purity grade or standard date of manufacture and price of the goods he intends to purchase also suppliers and dealers must inform consumers about the safety precautions to be taken while using products to avoid loss or injury in the given case the gas supplier should inform the consumer to block the flow of gas with the help of a regulator when it's not in use.

  • right to choose

A customer has the freedom to pick the goods needed from an assortment of products this means that dealers and traders should provide a huge array of products to consumers and should avoid using pressure tactics to sell goods of inferior quality.

  • Right to be heard

A consumer has a right to file a complaint and to be heard by manufacturers dealers advertisers government and public bodies in the event of dissatisfaction with a good or a service.

  • Right to seek redress oh

If a customer has a complaint or grievance due to unfair trade practices such as charging higher cost selling of poor quality or unsafe products and so he has the right to find relief the consumer has a right to get the faulty goods replaced or money refunded by vendor or trader that right also provides for due compensation to customers for any loss or injury suffered as a result of fault of supplier or manufacturer.

  • right to consumer education

Consumer education and past customers to exercise their consumer rights for this purpose consumer associations educational institutions and government policymakers are expected to educate and inform consumers about the rights and the reliefs available to them today a consumer also has to know about business profile government policies and introduction of new technology.

consumer responsibilities

Consumer rights by themselves may not be effective in achieving the objective of consumer protection to achieve consumer protection, customers also need to comprehend their responsibilities for example to exercise the right to seek redress of complaints a consumer must take all precautions to pick the right good at the ideal price and has to learn how to use products to prevent injury or loss

Now understand the various responsibilities which a customer should keep in his mind when purchasing using or consuming goods and services

A consumer ought to be aware of various goods and services offered in the market to be able to make an intelligent option

A consumer should buy just standardized Goods for quality assurance they ought to assess the ISI mark on electrical goods AG mark on agricultural goods hallmark on jewellery to mention a few

A consumer must know about the risks associated with goods and services follow manufacturer's instructions and use the products safely

Before purchasing goods a consumer should read labels carefully to find information about prices internet weight reduction and expiry dates and so on

A consumer should ensure he gets a reasonable deal and needs to be fair in his dealings he should buy legal goods and services just and discourage unscrupulous practices like black-marketing holding and so forth

On the purchase of products or services consumers should ask for a cash memo as a proof of the purchase made.

Consumers have to submit a complaint in a suitable consumer forum in case of any shortcoming in the quality of goods purchased or services available customers should form customer organizations which would play an active role in educating consumers and safeguarding their interests

In a nutshell the government of india has supplied six rights under the Consumer Protection Act 1986 to protect consumers attention, These are:-

  1. right to safety

  2. right to be informed

  3. right to choose

  4. right to be heard

  5. right to seek redressal

  6. Six right to consumer education

There's a well-known saying there can't be rights without duties hence a customer should also keep in mind his responsibilities while purchasing using or consuming goods and services.

The Fundamentals of consumer protection

Do you understand everything involved with buying and paying for a product?

When you buy a service or product from an organization, you enter into a binding agreement with them. This happens, for instance, when you buy a phone from a store or take an offer regarding a telephone subscription.

Do not make a rash decision when buying a product. Rather, compare prices and consider which payment method will suit you best. The transaction can't normally be reversed if you regret your choice afterwards.

If you're in doubt, be sure to ask the salesperson if you can return the item if you change your mind. Please read the terms before signing an agreement and make certain you are aware of how much the final price of the item will be.

If you register a 12-month agreement, you're bound by it and might need to make the agreed payments during this period. Provided that the product isn't defective, you can't return it unless the vendor has given you entitlement to reimbursement. By comparison, online purchases normally have a 14-day cancellation coverage.

The payment should always be made on the due date, whether you repay the entire amount at once or pay in instalments. If you make the payment after the due date, then you'll need to pay extra costs. It is simple to get a loan online but be careful - they generally consist of various fees which will considerably improve your original borrowed amount.

These loans have created serious financial problems for many men and women. And watch out for scams! Be particularly cautious when an offer seems too good to be true; if an internet ad invites you to purchase a smartphone for one euro, it's most likely a scam.

If you are not able to pay on time, speak to the billing agent. Billing agents are utilized to talking payments and your collaboration is appreciated. The product and service must reflect the arrangement made between the buyer and seller.

If the product doesn't function the way it should, breaks fast, or if a service is different to what was originally agreed, you have the right to reimbursement. Report any mistakes to the firm that sold the product or service to you.

Report a mistake as soon as you notice it. For written complaints, you may use The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's (FCCA) criticism instrument. The seller has the right to try to fix the merchandise and only if this is ineffective can the product be substituted.

However, the seller must act within a reasonable time period, otherwise it is possible to claim a discount, or if all else fails, cancel the transaction. In particularly difficult circumstances, you can contact the FCCA's free customer advisors.

The consumer advisors provide advice and mediation in conflict situations between customers and companies. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority is pleased to help!

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