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Are we too dependent on computers

Are we too dependent on computers essay Introduction Computers are great things and are very useful in everyday life but they create a certain distraction which just overpowers our will to stay away from the computer  What good is technology when the majority of its users usually as a crutch rather than a tool In our modern-day world computers are absolutely essential it is impossible to run away from these devices and we become so dependent on them that we just can't do things on our own now  for example, say you were doing some type of home ranking you couldn't figure out the answer instead of trying to understand the problem or asking a peer for help when you decide to go on Google and math way Quizlet, etc to find the answer. Computers have controlled the role in so many ways that it's hard to imagine the world without them memorizing is the thing overtaking by time from so many people, aren't even able to remember their own passport numbers PIN numbers or even the

Why honesty is important in our life

why honesty is important in our life

Why honesty is important in our life

Honesty is the best policy one should follow in his life honesty means being fair and dealing with others or toothed fullness we should be honest to all events or enemies it is as important as upholding truth in our life for having good family relations

we should be honest with our relative's money was an important factor in our life but we should earn it through interior first and toothed fullness there are people in a society who achieves positions in the society through male practices but one thing is sure it will not last long being honest in our studies is also important earnest and honest way of study

we only learn as to a successful life as Cal said make yourself an honest man and you'll be sure there is one rascal less in our wood most of the criminals in our society are dishonest

and this can be the main reason behind them being a criminal a grain of honesty and trustworthiness is of more value than adventitious ornaments or estates with these words then they conclude that a straight line is the shortest way to success and it should be with honest

The power of being honest

One important lesson I learned early in life is the power of being honest from the very beginning especially when it comes to mistakes. It takes a lot of self-reflection and courage to be honest with yourself and the people around you when things are not going so well but radical honesty can relieve so much stress in your life.

Being absolutely honest immediately before others have the chance to tell you about what’s wrong can even be rewarding.

One example from my own life is something that once happened in my career not even too far in the past I was employed in a position with a pretty good pay the work environment and the colleagues were also enjoyable

But after a few months, I realized that the position totally wasn’t for me Not because I couldn’t do the job I did well But because I didn’t feel well while doing it. I totally did not enjoy it and I knew that at one point people would realize that and it would eventually hurt my performance and on the company

The first option, in that case, would have been to just suck it up after all I chose that position in the first place, right? I could just wait until they fire me or quit and search for something that fits better. My second option though was to be brutally honest.

I knew they were searching for someone in a different position there was less pay but it suited me better So I took aside the two colleagues who were responsible for me and told them that I think after being given a comprehensive insight in the past few months

I discovered that it wasn’t for me and I wasn’t happy in that position In the long-term it would not be beneficial neither for me nor the company if I kept that position I was being honest

A lot of you might say now that this was a stupid move But at the same time I also told them about how I could imagine myself better in the other position and I wouldn’t mind the pay gap It would just make my daily working routine so much more enjoyable

They agreed And from the next day all the stress that had built up during the past months was gone I took over the other position and was happy.

During the talk, not only did my colleague compliment me on the courage for being so honest with them he said most people wouldn’t have done that My coming forward also signaled to the company that I enjoyed being on the team

that I would rather stay with them than someone else that the company was indeed important to me Even though at first being honest might seem something scary that can shake your world around

it is always better than being dishonest Like a great quote says: Honesty doesn’t always pay, but dishonesty always costs.

There are many more examples of situations where being radically honest is beneficial. But I think there is someone that can give you an even better, more detailed, and humorous story than I could. 

Honesty and truthfulness

Honesty is really when there's an alignment honesty is not just I tell you something that's not an important lie but it's the beginning, not the end honesty is when I live in alignment with the truth Dharma righteousness we realize that we're being compelled to something other than just I won't speak alive

but we're actually being compelled toward a fullness of word of thought or deed of the value of intention of attention of ethics such that everything's in line what I think would I speak what I do if that inside us we find it very important for our thoughts and our actions to be in concert

it's very difficult for any of us to think one thing and do something else so if I think that smoking cigarette is wrong and bad for me but I can't quit smoking I'm gonna change

what I think first is I'm gonna try to change my action probably I'll try to quit but if I find that I can't quit or rather I don't want to quit enough

I get rid of that tension inside by changing my thought oh it's not really so bad oh that's all you know this propaganda my grandmother's 95 and smokes three packs of cigarettes a day and you know

so I changed my thought which solves the tension inside but it's not actually honest and we know that and so this is where honesty real truthfulness differs from simply alleviating my own internal tension of cognitive dissonance honesty will not permit me to say oh actually it's not really so bad just to alleviate my inner tension

honesty will require me to say it's really bad for me I'm still doing it I need to do something about that or I don't want to do something about that it's really bad for me 

I'm still doing it and there it is and to have the strength to sit with that to have the strength to realize that that's what honesty is honesty is for example I believe there should not be hunger in the world

I believe that every child has the right to eat food I believe that we should protect and preserve our water I believe that violence is wrong I'm not a vegetarian but I don't want to call my hamburgers cow 

I want to call them hamburgers I don't want to call my hotdogs pigs I want to call them hot dogs well actually a hamburgers a cow hot dogs a pig

but I don't recall that because I want to be able to engage in behavior that my taste buds like but if I actually were honest about what it was and what the global impact of that industry is I would be required to stop eating it

so honesty actually requires us to really be in alignment and if we're gonna still eat it okay I'm not sitting here as the moral police or the spiritual police we have the freedom to eat and buy whatever we want


but honesty requires us to at least be honest and say I understand the global impact of what I'm eating I understand that this hamburger is depriving 15 other people of their grain I understand that this is contributing to global warming

I understand this is depleting our water our planet's water resources but I like the way it tastes I'm gonna eat it anyway and try to look into the mirror with that that's what honesty requires us to do we have the freedom to make whatever choice

 we want to make there is no moral police that's gonna throw you in jail for making a bad decision on that you are your own moral police can you live in full honesty about everything you do and so

if we're committed to honesty to integrity to Dharma we need to live honest lives and no one can tell us what to do we've got an answer to our own inner conscience our own inner morality not to close our eyes and push things away and so honesty requires us to live with our eyes open with our hearts open participating actively in the creation of our life.

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