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Essay on health is wealth

Essay on health is wealth

Essay on health is wealth 

Somebody has correctly said that if health is gone everything is gone life loses entrust in case you're deprived of health you enjoy in food no planet even spending time joyfully becomes a big problem, the healthy person whether wealthy or poor lives more happy and peaceful life than any rich person with a diseased body we could therefore say that real wealth of a man is his health

Health is not merely the absence of disease and infirmity but a state of complete physical social and psychological well-being health is thus a degree of functional efficiency of living beings and overall condition of someone's mind body and soul meaning

It's free from illness injury and pain if you are strong and healthy you can be a shining example to other people and teach them how to reach vibrant healthy people who don't have good health already poor even if they have lots of money so as to get good help women should follow helping lifestyle

Individuals who aren't involved in a healthful lifestyle miss suffer a selection of health disorders like overweight hypertension heart diseases obesity diabetes high cholesterol kidney problems liver ailments and so Many  healthy bodies get tired really easy and a tired body easily loses motivation and self-confidence health is an excellent blessing of God good health is a matter of great concern to maintain good health

How the living and a disciplined life is a must we ought to take care of our health and for this, we should always take easy and balanced diet is quite important for a healthy body and healthy mind so we should exercise daily and also go for long brisk walks

We ought to also sleep well as it relaxes of a human body and reduces stress for attaining healthy and disease-free body cleanliness is quite important our motto should be to keep our body clean to be able to remain health We should also keep our house and our surrounding clean a clean environment contributes to a clean and healthy body it reduces the risk of catching communicable diseases and to obtain a clean environment

It is the obligation of the individuals to inculcate healthy habits drinking plenty of water is also a good way to keep our body healthy as it reduces the risk of infection keeps our skin healthy reduces the risk of heart attack burns body fat and regulates body temperature We must love more as laughing is a therapy and a secret of good health any bad habits like smoking drinking alcohol bad lifestyle etc.

Should be avoided a healthy person can make plenty of money however an unhealthy individual cannot due to the lack of motivation concentration and interest level money is the source to live a healthy life however good health is the source to live a happy and peaceful life so good health matters a lot more than the money we all should maintain our good health to be wealthy in actual means early bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wise the two conditions health and prosperity can't be segregated in real-life health leader weld and in bad health

When people wealth is a pointless and unhealthy man cannot appreciate what his wilt must offer him vacations create food going out you need to be healthy and then nicely shall follow why is health significant health is important it's very vital to a person's well-being and being healthy doesn't mean staying slim only

There are other parameters also the person who has a healthy mind and body is the sole to be called healthy with physical fitness mental well-being is also important there are several ailments in today's world like depression anxiety sickness they are a threat to one's well-being hence health physical and mental health are in parallels you can not ignore both of the reasons for why we goin LD if we examine deep

We shall understand that bodily and psychological health are interlinked be mentally ill and properly healthy with a physical part or even vice-versa, we become unhealthy due to our idle habits reckless attitude poor eating habits lifestyle and many more factors a to it eating too much junk food and sitting all of the day in front of the screen is one of the significant reasons

Why people are getting to be unhealthy in this era this era is blessed and cursed with smartphones when people overuse those tools of ease, they ace themselves in trouble by living in an unhygienic environment by not cleaning yourself frequently by disturbed sleep cycles and desire diseases are most possible then how to healthy and wealthy

We should try and eat the food that's good for our health and rich in nutrients it should also exercise regularly or indulge in some physical activity some sports walking running whatever that is comfortable with one should also keep oneself involved in self recollection activities like state one's hobbies etc

Hobbies maintain your heart too young try to lead a stress-free life of learning to handle stress. You can't be happy when you're not healthy in fact health is a true wealth there is no value of material wealth without health individuals get so enough grossed into things that they forget about the primary thing their wellness health requires careful attention and appropriate management of your routine food habit thoughts everything that affects you for after prosperity the need for both mental and physical health is essential.

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