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How to write a study abroad scholarship essay?

How to write a study abroad scholarship essay?

How to write a study abroad scholarship essay?

You start writing a scholarship essay for a grade you're writing it to get money for college, so your story needs to be uniquely creative and insightful that the scholarship judges will absolutely love and here's

How you do that today I'm going to be talking to you about the elements of a good scholarship essay so a little bit about me I got over fifty thousand dollars in college scholarships for my four years of college so I've learned a lot of different types of essays.

So the first thing you need to do is pre-plan figure out all the scholarships you'll be applying for it and figure out if there's a common similarity between the essay prompts by doing this you'll be able to write just one or two essays which will save you so much time and during the pre-planning stage you also need to figure out all the deadlines for the scholarships so you don't miss out on the free money

Then you're going to craft your story write down a few things what motivates you what drives you what excites you the scholarship committee judges want to get to know the real you do not put anything that they can find out from your transcript or your resume on there they know you're a good student they know your test scores they know your extracurricular activities

So tell them something unique about you once you brainstorm and you figure out what you want to write about you don't have to tell it in a traditional way so I know I'm a little different.

When they say this but like I don't think you need like an exposition and a conflict and a climax and a resolution I think you need to start with a hook so the hook is going to be two or three sentences that really draw the judges in.

So I've written two that I can really think that had like a really strong hook the first one I said my classmates make fun of me because I wear face paint you see all the weekends I work as a clown and as a party host to pay for my college applications and for graduation and for prom.

And then I went into you know the details of my job and I said you know I can't text my friends because I have these big loves on my hands and parents are always running away from me and I have to wear these big floppy shoes and this hot outfit.

But then so I like had a lot of details so that's like the body and then I said you know but I've learned so much by being a clown I've learned how to work with different types of people and I've learned all the and I talked about all the skills.

I learned as a clown and how that will actually like help me in college and I knew I was like it was a really unique story and it's like the difference that's just my after-school job

But it really like drew people in like that hook you know why do you wear face paint why do I do that in the body of your essay you need to explain why you're even telling this story in the first place why is a story important what did you learn from it how did you grow as a person and then you need to explain like towards the end why receiving the scholarship will advance you

So I said you know through my experiences as a military brat and getting to know different cultures I discovered my love of history and by deserve the scholarship, I could advance my studies and teach other people about different cultures because I'll have this historical background

They really can't come up with a unique story to tell about yourself write about something that you find really interesting like say you love cardi B write about cardi B now I'm not saying great biography on cardi B

I'm saying write about how cardi B has influenced you to say like you know I've seen cardi B's work ethic these past two years and she's inspired me to get a 4.0 to stay in high school to become about Vitoria whatever it may be

What if you love cars or you love video game talk about that but you know say how I'll help you in your college endeavours you know the sky is the limit you if this is the time to be so unique and there really are no rules in your scholarship essay

When you're done writing your essay you're not actually done you really should have someone else read it and I suggest having someone who doesn't know the story read it a lot of times students will go to their parents to read their essay but the problem with doing that is that their perspective can influence the next draft of that story you want an outsider's perspective

So I would ask like a teacher or a neighbour or friend and ask them like hey does this story makes sense to you is it interesting to you and then after that, you need to heavily proofread

It and this comes in three steps first you're gonna read it just the way you would regularly proofread it and then you're gonna read it out loud by doing this sometimes you realize that things still make sense or that you forgot a word he right there and then the third thing you're gonna do is run it through a program

I really like grammar early and is completely free there's also a paid version do the free one and I just run it through it like there are so many different types of software programs out there and they'll catch like okay maybe need to add comma or semicolon here

So those are my tips on how to write a winning a scholarship essay tips with whoever you think may find this helpful and be sure to comment below if you have any scholarship applications related questions, have a wonderful wonderful day.😉

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