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Monday, 23 March 2020

Private tuitions are a necessary evil. Give your views either for or against the statement.

Private tuitions are a necessary evil. Give your views either for or against the statement.

• Introduction- Need for private tuition in the age of cut-throat competition. 
• Why it is a Necessary Evil? 
Evil because it is at the expense of childhood. 
Schools have become commercial institutions 
Parents do not have time and cannot help. 
• How it is advantageous? 
Augments school learning by clarifying abstract concepts 
Greater interaction and motivation improve learning. 
• Conclusion- Private tuition plays an important role in shaping the future of children. 

The cut-throat competition for qualifying in competitive examinations or even getting admission in good colleges has pushed students to new limits. This has led to the meteoric rise in the demand for private tuitions, with children as young as six years going for personalized coaching. The popularity of private tuition can be attributed to the declining standards of teaching and instruction in schools, especially government schools.

Unhealthy as it seems, private tuitions cannot be dispensed with. Unhealthy because in the rat race for acquiring knowledge, children have lost their childhood. After spending six to seven hours in school and another couple of hours intuition, the child has just no time in indulging in playing, daydreaming and other activities associated with childhood. 

Schools that were once considered to be the temple of learning, have now become commercial institutions. The high student to teacher ratio in school makes it impossible for teachers to give personalized attention to students. 

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There is also a dearth of quality teachers, to explain the difficult concepts and lack of creative teaching methods, to address the different needs of students. Furthermore, teachers are inaccessible in school and students fear reprimand on approaching them to clarify their doubts. The picture in Government or rural schools is even more alarming, for teacher absenteeism is quite common. Thus even in rural areas students are forced to go for private tuition. 

The students cannot turn to their parents for help, as they do not have the time, or are not equipped to help at home. The parents thus have no option but to send their wards for private tuitions. 

Private tuition is in a way advantageous, for besides augmenting learning in school, they help in clarifying abstract concepts and solving the difficult problems of students. This is for the tutor is more friendly and accessible and the student can look up to him without fear of being scolded. 

The interactive method of teaching is more comprehendible and lasting. It also inculcates in the student the importance of time management, for besides school homework they have to allocate some time for tuition and not waste it in unhealthy pursuits. Private tutors thus help to motivate students to study hard, and often guide and mentor them in their academic pursuit. 

The popularity of private tuition is indeed a direct fallout of and a testament to the inefficient system of education in the country, where there is a premium on academic excellence. This evil may have affected the childhood of children. Nevertheless, it has helped shape their future careers, by making them good professionals in their chosen field. 

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