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10 Lines on Geeta Phogat for Students and Children in English

  10 Lines on Geeta Phogat in English 1) Geeta Phogat is an Indian female wrestler. 2) She won India's first-ever women's wrestling gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2010. 3) Geeta Phogat was born on 15th December 1988 in the Bhiwani district of Haryana (The land of Wrestlers). 4) Her father is Mahavir Singh Phogat. He is a former wrestler. 5) He is a recipient of the Dronacharya Award. He was the coach for Geeta Phogat. 6) She started her successful wrestling journey in the commonwealth wrestling 2009 championship. 7) Geeta Phogat was the first Indian female wrestler to have qualified for the Olympic summer games. 8) She was successful in many other championship competitions like the Asian wrestling championship. 9) Aamir Khan's film Dangal is based on the story of Geeta Phogat and her sister. 10) Geeta won the Arjun Award in 2012. Set 1 is helpful for students of Classes 1,2, 3, 4, and 5. 1. Geeta Phogat is an Indian anku tyle wrestler and the oldest daughter of

Why World Cancer Day is celebrated?

Why World Cancer Day is celebrated?



Cancer is a serious and fatal disease that causes the most deaths in the world. The highest number of cancer patients in the world. World Cancer Day is celebrated internationally to detect this disease, prevent it and spread awareness about it. In this blog, we know what cancer is and when and why we celebrate World Cancer Day. 

History of World Cancer Day:

World Cancer Day was first celebrated in Geneva in 1933 by the Union for International Cancer Control. the establishment of World Cancer Day. It was organized by the U.I.C.C with the help of some major Cancer Society's Support Research Institute Treatment Center and Patient Group. 

At that time, according to the report, about 12.7 million people were suffering from cancer and about 7 million people lost their lives every year due to cancer. U.I.C.C was established in the year 1993. It is headquartered in Geneva. It is a membership-based organization to bring awareness to cancer around the world and help in medical research and take care of the interests of patients. 

When is World Cancer Day celebrated and what is its purpose? 

World Cancer Day is observed every year on 4 February. The U.I.C.C aims to support the World Declaration written in 2008. The primary objective of celebrating World Cancer Day is to reduce the number of people suffering from cancer by the year 2020 and reduce death due to cancer. 

At the same time, striving to recognize the symptoms of cancer in people, raising awareness among them, educating people as well as preparing governments and N.G.O worldwide to fight against the disease. 

Not only this, one of the goals of celebrating World Cancer Day is that we can stop the misconceptions about cancer. Also, the right information about cancer could reach as many people as possible.

No selfie was a very good effort to motivate people

Suffering from cancer. This campaign was conducted globally, in which people got their hair cut and clicked their photos, and shared them on social media so that people with cancer who have lost their hair during treatment should not think of themselves as different from the rest and boost their morale. 

How is World Cancer Day celebrated? 

Government and non-governmental organizations arrange various camp lectures and seminars at all levels around the world to prevent fatal diseases like cancer. Even the general public is focused on it. The disease is exposed and the symptoms of the disease are explained. It is also explained about taking precisions and what causes cancer.

Special themes are also used in these programs to make these programs more and more successful. In our country, too many campaigns are being carried out to save people from cancer. Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated nationally on 7 November in India. 

World Cancer Day Theme Every year:

World Cancer Day is celebrated with a special theme. Some of the themes are as follows.

Cancer Day 2015 Theme Note Beyond Us 

Cancer Day 2016 to 2018 Theme We Can I Can Day 

Cancer Day 2019 to 2020 Theme I Am And I Will 


What is it when groups of body cells start forming in an uncontrolled way? 

Let's do it. Cancer can occur at any age and cancer occurs in more than a hundred ways. Causes of Cancer As we know that there are many types of cancers and the reasons for getting cancer are also different which if you take medicines for a disease, you can also get cancer due to its side effects. 

But there are some reasons why you have cancer. Such as smoking, being overweight, not taking nutritious food, chewing tobacco, not exercising, etc.

Symptoms of Cancer Prolonged sore throat, persistent coughing, and difficulty in swallowing, uncontrolled enlargement of any type of lump in the body, water or blood flow from anywhere, enlargement of a mole on the body, and change of color, excess skin warts Long-term recovery of any wound. Loss of appetite, loss of weight, fatigue, and laziness, etc. 

It can be a symptom of cancer, so it would not be wrong to say that awareness is one of the biggest ways to prevent serious diseases like cancer. Also, keeping control of your lifestyle and taking care of your food and drink can also prevent diseases like cancer.

Thanks for reading this blog if you like it then don't forget to comment and share with your friend's bye-bye. 

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