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Adorable and Exciting Valentine’s Day

Adorable and Exciting Valentine’s Day Gifts for College Friends 

We all know that the day of love is not just about celebrating the passionate bonding with your bae or sending a surprise bouquet via online flower delivery in India. It is all about the people in our lives whom we love so much. These precious relationships have shaped our life, helped us when in need, and the list never ends. 

Even before we meet our partner or go for our first date, the friends come in life. They help to fill in the vacuum when we are just in need of a companion to share everything, seek support, etc. Whether you are single or not, thought of bestowing Valentine’s Day gifts to all your friends is an appreciable thought. 

If you have a plan to send Valentine’s flowers with a token of love to your college friends along with your parents and siblings, we have some splendid items listed below. This will help you to do everything within a budget you can afford with your pocket money: 

1. Get started with Valentine’s Day Card for Friends 

Adorable and Exciting Valentine’s Day

More than a materialistic possession, your friends care about your heartfelt wishes and of course a personalized message. This is even more important for the BFF! It is not necessary to roam about the gift stores in search of expensive greetings cards. You can even buy some nice envelops to put a handmade card for everyone. It can also be a small note with your wishes. 

2. Delectable Sweet Surprises

Adorable and Exciting Valentine’s Day

When it is a gang, it calls for a joint celebration in the college. Carry a pack of Valentine’s Day special cupcakes. They are available in so many flavors that you have a special one for each of them. However, if you all are on the New Year weight loss resolution, go for muffins without that extra cream. You all will celebrate this way but counting on the calories. 

3. Friendship Flowers- Always a Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift 

You may be wondering, why friendship flowers on this day. While almost all flowers carry the message of love in different forms, choosing the friendship flowers is perfect for college pals. 
Did you know certain flowers particularly symbolize friendship?
When in need of blossoms for such purposes, contact online flower delivery in Delhi, to buy yellow roses, alstroemeria, sunflower, gladiolus, and chrysanthemums. All of them are friendship flowers so you can get a mixed bouquet for your best friend as well.  

4. A Set of Pen and Small Notebook 

While you may have already presented a big notebook to your friend during the holidays, it is still ok to give a small spiral notebook to someone. These are utility items your friends will find handy. Ask them to write down something about the love of their life on this notebook. Anyways, they will all find this one helps to take down quick notes whenever required. 

5. Handy Makeup Pouch for Your Bestie 

When the friend is so special and cannot part with the makeup accessories even in college, she deserves this carrier pouch to keep everything organized in one place even when on the go. However, if you are buying Valentine’s Day roses for this person, it has to be an arrangement of white and yellow ones. 

6. A Box Full of Candies to Enjoy Together 

If you have no other plan on this day, have fun together after the classes. Carry a box full of candies for all to savor after a meal at the nearby cafeteria. Prefer acidic ones as opposed to the sweetened candies to feel the zeal. 

What to do when you are on a budget? 

Well, a lot of us are on a budget when it comes to bulk gifting such as Valentine’s Day when you have to buy something for everyone. Even your siblings at home will be waiting for a surprise. It is a custom to show your love for anyone on this day with heartiest wishes and a gift as a token of love. 

In such circumstances, look for cheap online flower delivery in Ahmedabad. You can even order a bunch of yellow roses and give a single flower to everyone with a DIY personalized card to each one of your friends. Being unanimous to all will save you from hefty expenditure while at the same time you will be able to give something to everyone without creating any disappointment. 


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