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A short Essay on Motivation for examination.

A short Essay on Motivation for examination.

A short Essay on Motivation for examination.

The journey is going to be slow meandering uncomfortable messy it's the obstacles and hurdles and the problems that get thrown at you that will make you stronger that will make you more focused and disciplined it will be developed at coping mechanisms to deal with the pressure and stress a lot of your classmates will find themselves in a situation 

where they're getting good grades C grades B grades maybe even A and they start getting comfortable they think the grades they're getting are good enough and they'll lose that fight they lose the reason that they're doing it for and it's one of the worst things that can happen because sure average people can become extremely successful it does happen sometimes

But not often they don't keep winning they win once and then they let it slip away it's about longevity getting a good grade in an exam is easy but doing it over and over and over again and with everything you touch you manage to just make things happen and you keep winning and winning and winning now that's what's difficult consistently winning 

To be successful you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve it's a lot of hard work but the best part is the more you accomplish the more you'll want to achieve in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk your ego and your insecurities don't want to take the hit

You don't want to admit that you messed up because for some reason so many of you are living your lives based on other people's opinions and that is crippling you the way to really eliminate fear is to not care about anyone else's opinion 

My losses are mine  I'll deal with it myself I don't need your too since you're losing plenty on your own if you let somebody else's opinion whether it's your friend your partner your mom your dad your aunt your uncle if you are genuinely living the exact life you want to live then what will happen is you'll stop waiting for the right time to make a move you'll stop waiting to make a change or break bad habits you'll stop blaming others for the lack of happiness in your life

And the truth is it's easy to blame others for our lack of happiness when it comes to studying consistency is so important a lot of people win and then they chill for two or three months but real winners they have their finger on the pulse the time they're always looking for the next one they're not studying to get satisfied they're studying to learn everything there is to know they never get to a place where they feel like they made it because as long as you're moving towards achieving something you keep studying you keep reading you keep learning you stay hungry and watch how it changes you day by day month by month.

you'll evolve into a completely different person 


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