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ways to protect endangered animals in 2020

What more effective ways to protect endangered animals do you know?

ways to protect endangered animals

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature there over 19,000 species currently threatened with extinction and the problem is only getting worse welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 ways to help endangered species there's nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of nature

you should try it sometime alrighty then you know something you're right for this list we've looked at the best ways to protect endangered animals and to preserve their existence it's a long precious.

Number 10 increase our knowledge let's begin with the basics as a little knowledge can go a long way this is a rare opportunity to study an endangered species the IUCN Red List shows an upward trend in the number of endangered animals since it was first released on the world wide web in the year 2000

one in four mammals one in eight Birds one-third of all in FIB Ian's and around 70% of the world's plant life are reportedly under significant threat of extinction and while statistics differ depending on the source the numbers routinely make for harsher reading every year by taking an interest in the problem

you begin to help solve it and you don't have to tackle the whole world's issues either check out local initiatives to make a difference closer to home can I block it what a berry goes out to cut a very neat.

Number 9 reduce the threat of invasive species an invasive species is any non-native plant or animal entering into an environment and unbalancing it in some way especially behaving in a way that we're not used to they're doing things the ecosystem that we're not completely sure what kind of effect is going to be yet

the problem which is commonly caused by mistakes in international trade and transports these foreign species disrupt settled ecosystems either as an unwanted predator by spreading a disease or by simply of numbering other species over time you've heard of the pine beetle problem 

those pine beetles used to be killed by the cold winters but there are fewer days of frost and so the pine trees are being devastated intentional actions can also cause an invasion such as in 1930s Australia when cane toads were introduced to control the cane beetle only see the toads overrun the country itself 

we got a total of 34 females out of the system versus 26 miles which means you know it's fewer eggs particularly for the fully matured toads the problem naturally becomes increasingly difficult to manage but by tightening transport procedures and safety measures some invasions can be avoided 

you make it sound like we're under attack everywhere we are under attack everywhere.

Number 8 raise awareness it's amazing what a little word of mouth can achieve and one of the best ways to help endangered species is to keep talking about them if you know about an animal's plight or the worrying status of a tree species 

then impart your wisdom onto others it doesn't have to be much and you don't necessarily need to be collecting donations just spread the word but I'm terribly sorry but it's against our cream to do harm to any living creature our mission is to help endangered species, of course, 

the onus is on the authorities as well to ensure that endangered animals are a topic regularly covered in school and the animal protection laws are clear and routinely brought up in government.

Number 7 says no to pesticides and chemical fertilizers we have some scientific evidence now showing that there is a clear relationship between insecticides and B losses the temptation to use herbicides and pesticides in the agricultural 

industry is huge to the point where many growers see it as a necessity a key issue for him will be how to maximize his yield and minimize his losses to pests while herbicides ensure that no one wanted vegetation grows on or near crop pesticides ensure that unwanted critters aren't eating it the use of chemicals on farmland is subject to a wide range of laws all around the world and some substances are deemed less harmful than others 

those that we expose to both pesticides consistently perform the most poorly in all of our measures but their toxins pose an everyday risk to ecosystems and sometimes to us as consumers nearly all the teas we test have pesticide residue half of them with amounts exceeding maximum levels set in Canada 

where possible try to eat organically farmed produce it may cost a little extra and sometimes look a little strange but it's way better for the environment.

Number 6 recycle we've gotta learn to reduce reuse recycle louder according to Endangered Species International we use around 260 million tons of plastic annually plastic accounts for around 60 to 80 percent of marine debris and some plastics remain in the environment for hundreds of years animals injure themselves

on our trash every day or unknowingly ingest it and floating plastics can even be linked to the spread of invasive species mentioned earlier at the very least don't litter hey schmuck's face you want to tell me what you're doing littering on my street but recycling is one of the simplest things 

you can do to help the environment but almost anything can be recycled that can be broken down into a single material if more people recycled fewer products would be needed less energy would be used making those products less space and fuel will be required and fewer animals would be displaced 

it's a chain reaction and you can play your part by reusing and recycling you see humans and animals can live in harmony 

Number 5 build a wildlife garden and even making your own mowed and greening up your decking which basically means planting plants across areas

whether it's in concert this one is achievable on a large or small scale in an ideal world we'd all like to plants wads of new trees which would be great but not always possible however 

what is possible for anyone with a little spare space is a wildlife garden the UK Wildlife Trusts estimates that there are 16 million gardens in Great Britain if every one of those provided a service to the natural world thinks 

how beneficial it could be replace stark fences with lush hedges build a pond to attract insects provide higher ledges to attract birds and hold back on the weed killer 

then sit back and watch nature thrive outside your window crazy little mini habitats around your garden and enriching it with flowers for bees and butterflies and burying plants or shrubs for birds.

Number 4 volunteer at a wildlife agency RSPCA all creatures great and small there are plenty of admirable projects going on all over the world that needs your services but 

you don't always need to be on far-flung frontlines saving orangutans in Borneo to make difference wildlife agencies and initiatives require help and support at all stages 

the UK's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or RSPCA relies on volunteer administrators drivers photographers and public speakers just as much as those who help directly with animal care it's also the oldest and largest organization of its kind by volunteering at a wildlife agency not only are you helping to protect endangered species but 

you're also developing yourself as an individual it's win-win this is definitely the most satisfying part and the bit I enjoy the most say this makes it all worthwhile really. 

Number 3 set up sponsorship and make donations to charity here's where you can help endangered species and have a lot of fun at the same time why would you do that 

what's a charity thing no sponsorships are a great way for people to raise funds without causing too much disruption to their daily lives and there's usually two main ways of getting noticed in getting donations either do something that's really difficult or something

that's really crazy run a marathon or wear your clothes backward for a week your shirts inside out what your shirt it's inset out climb a mountain or cut off all your hair but be sure to keep the focus on the cause we're gonna have to raise money fast 

I'll drum up small-scale stunt work at birthday parties we're talking escape tricks fire-breathing any please the rugrat it's not about you it's about rebuilding animals' lives and restoring habitats across the world.

Number 2 stop purchasing products made from endangered animals to figure out how we got here we have to turn back the clock to the 1970s and 80s when the demand for ivory first skyrocketed this may seem a little obvious but illegal trade is an ongoing international problem basically for wildlife criminals 

the tiger is worth more dead than alive broken down into all its body parts package shipped and sold in two different component commodities and sometimes the legislation gets confusing between one nation and another 

the World Wildlife Fund has a buyer beware guide on which it implores tourists not to buy ivory either raw or carved any Tiger rhino or sea turtle product or any live monkey or ape among other things the list also advises against purchasing crocodile or snakeskin products live birds wild feathers and orchids common-sense rules to a certain degree though 

if it looks as though a plant or animal may have been needlessly killed to make it then don't buy it before we unveil our topic here are a few honorable mentions Brian lookout dog Dubai cat yep I'm very excited you seem it so what's all this 

I'm assuming there's nothing left in the store actually there are a number of things left no I meant you seem to be buying a lot of stuff.

Number 1 enjoy a low-impact diet we may sometimes feel a little insignificant and wonder what we can really do to help an endangered species so far removed from our everyday lives but change really does begin at home tad would you like some mixed vegetables hell no yeah what did you say 

I said I don't want any damn vegetables all right that's it, young man, we all eat every single day and we can make a difference with our diets use natural products and meals and try to source them locally stop wasting food and cook in one pan using as little energy as possible grow an herb garden of your own and support local businesses rather than big often unreliable brands 

there are a few things more satisfying than a meal that you know has had minimal impact on the environment on the natural world and on endangered species,

she can hear vegetables and fruits say oh she can eat Freight fruit thia um any kind of fruit do you agree with our list how else can we help endangered species thanks for reading god blessed you.

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