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Some interesting facts about INDEPENDENCE DAY ?

Independence Day was celebrated On 26th January after the declaration of the Indian National Congress at Lahore.
So however fifteenth August did become the Fourth of July and particularly why midnight?

Some interesting facts about  INDEPENDENCE DAY ?


Some interesting facts about  INDEPENDENCE DAY ?

When WW II ended, the British Empire was all bruised and broken. It was financially weak to rule their country. Moreover, the Labour party has promised to work on independence to the colonies. So when the Labour party won the election, talks began about independence. Initially, Lord started talks with Indian leaders but he was removed from his post due to his incapacity to stop communal riots due to partition.

Some interesting facts about  INDEPENDENCE DAY ?

So Lord Mountbatten came to replace him and was given mandate by the British parliament to transfer the power on June 30.
Even new viceroy couldn’t handle the riots and in-order to transfer power as early as potential.
the British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act, as for result in July 1947.

Some interesting facts about  INDEPENDENCE DAY ?

In an effort to add some limelight to his achievement Viceroy decided the date to be 15th August that was left to choose a date to transfer the power. The exact date when Japanese Emperor Hirohito surrendered.
So the date was set however was inauspicious by the pseudoscience calculation.

The transfer of power was be done at midnight because according to the English calendar the day starts after midnight and according to Hindu Panchang the day starts at sunrise.
So, in the dead of night, the facility was reworked and subsequently, the speech of acknowledgment of transfer of power was given.

That’s the explanation why fifteenth August holds the historic importance to India.

Some interesting facts about  INDEPENDENCE DAY ?


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